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The Third Decade

Eighty Plus Years in the Making!

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The Eighth Decade (2000 - 2009) of Our Association

From 2000 to 2004 is an excerpt from our 75th Anniversary history published in 2004.  The next five years has been compiled from the minutes and publications of the Association.

Father Simons Dies

   On New Year's Day, we are shocked by the news that our beloved Chaplain, Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, has passed away. FR.ED served as Moderator/Chaplain from September, 1976 until his death - longer than any priest in our history. Father's Mass of Christian Burial is concelebrated by his Oblate confreres at St. Martha's Church in Northeast Philadelphia where he had served as a weekend assistant for so many years. The Board of Governors provides an honor guard at Fr. Ed's casket in the church where he lay in state from 4 PM until his Mass began. The lines are long and longer as this man's friends wait to pay their respects to this kindly man of God who truly lived his life in the spirit of St. Francis deSales. We will truly miss him.

   After the funeral Mass, President Cardullo and Executive Secretary-Treasurer Knobbs approach Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59, about accepting the position of Chaplain. He readily agrees.

   There is a pall over the January meeting. For the first time in over twenty-four years, we will be without Father Simon's smile and humor. The news from the committees is equally dismal. The Activities Committee is recommending cancelling the trip to Hershey to see a hockey game and the trip to New York, both for lack of interest. Bud DiGiacomo, '44, and Jim Hilbert, '71 move to accept the committee's recommendations and the Board agrees. On the bright side, Len Knobbs, '53, proposes that we establish a Scholarship Grant in Father Simon's name and fund it with a $1000 donation from the Association. Brian Darreff, '74, seconds the motion and it is approved unanimously by the Board.

   President Steve Cardullo, '72, advises the Board of Governors at the February meeting that the terms of office for three men on the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. will expire next month and he will accept nominations for those positions. The terms are for seven years. The men whose terms are expiring are John T. Musial, '63; John R. Hanejko, '65, and Thomas P. Morgan, '64. Nominated for the positions are: Musial, Hanejko, and Martin G. DePerro, '60. There being no other nominees, Cardullo declares the three elected.

   Despite the fact that we just cancelled two trips, the optimists on the Activities Committee recommend a bus trip on April 29 to Baltimore to watch the Orioles take on the Texas Rangers. A motion is made by Joe Mulawka, '51 and seconded by Musial, and, after a discussion, approved by the Board.

   At ceremonies on February 22 five deserving men are inducted into the NECHS Hall of Fame. Barry Brodzinski, '73, the all-time leading scorer at North and a star at LaSalle University, who coached a number of championship teams at Roman Catholic and then was a varsity assistant at Duquesne University is the inductee for Athletics. The recipient of the Award for Business/Labor/Military is Martin J. Maddaloni, '57, the General President of the International Union of Steamfitters. Our recipient of the Science/Religion Award is the Most Rev. Martin J. Lohmuller, DD, JCD, '37, an auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia. John "Herb" Smith, '46, an outstanding sandlot football coach in the Port Richmond area receives the Service Award. A teacher at NECHS since 1959, Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 is inducted in the field of Arts/Entertainment/Education.

   Five Hundred Sixty Nine attend the Communion Breakfast on April 9. Our principal speaker and the recipient of Our Outstanding Achievement Award is Marc Howard, co-anchor of Channel 6's Action News. Toastmaster for the morning is Kevin Reilly, a former Philadelphia Eagles' linebacker.

   The bus trip to see the Orioles breaks even. Our Old Timers Reunion attracts 93 participants from 10 of the 11 Classes invited and raises a small profit. Thank God for Lucky 12's Club. Chairman Ed White, '55, reports that ticket sales were the highest ever, thanks to multiple sales by a few Board members. For the first time, we go over the $100,000 in sales.

   With Steve Cardullo, '72, ineligible for another term as President, the race is wide open. Two men are nominated Ed White, '55, and Joe Kilroy, '65. The nominees for the other offices are unopposed.

   Memorial Day Services are attended by 75 people. Chairman John Handley, '58, notes that this is about the same number we have every year.

   Election results show Edward J. White, '55, as the new President. Anthony J. Colletta, '72 continues as First Vice President. Peter P. Gallagher, '37, is our new Second Vice President, and Martin G. DePerro, '60, remains Third Vice President. John J. Barnes, '89, replaces White as Fourth Vice President. John T. Musial, '63, Secretary, and Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88, Assistant Secretary are reelected. The financial wing - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Treasurer; John R. Hanejko, '65, First Assistant Treasurer; and Lawrence A. Dolan, '37, Second Assistant Treasurer retain their positions. Outgoing president Cardullo is elected Historian.

   The Golf Classic on June 12 raises over $26,800 with 136 golfers and an additional 25 dinner guests/kibitzers in attendance.

   We end the year with a record 5217 dues paying members.

   Falcons Fun in the Sun draws 462 to Moore's - about the same as last year but the profit is down - about $6600. This will divided proportionately among the Scholarship Fund, the Oblates and Save NEC.

Frank Gleason, '53 Dies

   A severe stroke fells former President Francis J. Gleason on September 2 and he succumbs on September 10. A member of the Board of Governors since 1960, Frank was one of two men to serve six terms as President of the Association. He held a number of other offices during his years on the Board. He was a Trustee of the Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc., and the Association. The founding President of the Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc., he was a member of the Board of Directors at the time of his death. He will be severely missed by the Association and this writer, a friend of over 45 years.

   As result of Ed White's election to the presidency and Gleason's death, there are two vacancies on the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund. White opens nominations and Patrick J. Boyle, '49, Raymond E. Rysak, '66, and Stephen A. Cardullo, '72, are nominated. The election determines that Boyle and Cardullo will fill the unexpired terms ending in February, 2003.

   White appoints Knobbs as Executive Secretary with Hanejko and himself as Assistants. The Board unanimously concurs.

   The cruise through the Panama Canal is a success. Twenty three people enjoy their two weeks aboard the "Vision" and over $3,000 is raised for the Association.

   A new record! FALCONWAY XII raises $294,272.36 passing the previous high set in 1993. The Oblates also receive a record high $37,769.62. Likewise, the Scholarship Fund with $190,651.68 is a new high, while the $65,851.06 received by Save NEC is down from last year. Since its inception in 1989, FALCONWAY has raised over two million dollars for our three charities.

   Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer on November 12 moves to Chickie's & Pete's on the Boulevard and attracts 136 revelers. We make over $1900 for the Association.

Oblates to Leave Faculty House

   In February, President White informs the Board that the Oblates will be leaving the Faculty House at North and relocating to their various other residences throughout the city. The Board feels this will create a recruiting problem for the school and also create a problem for us since our office has been located in the basement since September, 1956. Brian Darreff, '74 introduces a motion seconded by Daniel Creedon III, '75, to write to Father Joseph Morrissey, '66, the Oblate Provincial voicing our displeasure at the move and request they rescind their decision. It is approved unanimously. The Real Estate Committee under John Musial, '63, gets busy looking for new quarters.

   A new venture is proposed. In that we have classes with no representation on the Board, Reunion Planning Committee Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, proposes that we run reunions for those classes in an attempt to spark some enthusiasm among the classmates and, maybe, attract someone to serve on the Board. He makes a motion to run separate reunions for the Classes of '86, and '91. Pat Boyle, '49 seconds the motion and it is approved unanimously by the Board.

   The Hall of Fame welcomes its newest members on February 27. James V. Amadei, '54, a world recognized jazz pianist, is inducted in the field of Arts/Entertainment/Education. Edward P. Geisz, '42, for a long time the head swimming coach at Villanova University, receives the award in Athletics. Erwin T. Straw, '46, former President and CEO of Prime Bank and current Board Chairman of Earthstar Bank is the recipient of the Business/Labor/Military award. Oliver G. Ludwig, Ph.D., '53, a Chemistry Professor at Villanova University since 1968, accepts the Science/Religion award. The Service award is presented to Lawrence P. Conti, '63, a teacher at NECHS for 34 years. Also, Larry has been the head coach of baseball and basketball at Philadelphia Community College and is currently head baseball coach at his Alma Mater, LaSalle University.

   In March, the Board hears Father Morrissey's response to President White's letter. The three page letter clarifies some of the reasons for the Oblates consolidation of houses. He offers to meet with the Board and President White schedules a March 14 meeting with the Executive Board.

   NECHS President, Father Mark Wrightson, OSFS, offers the Association the choice of one of two rooms in the school for office space.

   Lucky 12's Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, reports that sales are almost 1500 ahead of the same point last year.

   April 1, 2001, and it's no Fool's Day. We gather at the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul for Mass and then adjourn to the Wyndham Franklin Plaza for breakfast. Our featured speaker is Philadelphia's Police Commissioner John F. Timoney, and the Toastmaster is our own Don Brennan, '74, editor of the Frankford News Gleaner. Commissioner Timoney accepts our annual Outstanding Achievement Award. Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32, former President and Vice Chairman of the Board of ITT Corporation receives our Outstanding Alumnus Award. Sales Chairman John Hanejko, '65 reports there were 630 in attendance.

   On April 17, Father William Davis, OSFS, Religious Superior of the NEC Community advises us that the Oblates will vacate the Faculty House on July 31 and we will have to leave prior to that date. The committee will meet with school officials next week to look over the proposed sites in the school.

   Despite our early surge in sales, Lucky 12's Chairman Cardullo reports in May that we ended the drive down 184 tickets from last year. Real Estate Chairman Musial reports that he will make a motion, on behalf of the committee, to accept the school's offer. He tells the Board that Father Wrightson said there can be no lease so it will be an at will situation. However, on the advice of our legal counsel, there will be a written agreement governing the operation of the premises and any attempt at restrictions on access to the facility will result in the corporation vacating the premises. The school will renovate two rooms on the first floor of the Annex building adjacent to new Resource Center. The motion is seconded by Len Knobbs, '53 and after a discussion, the Board approves unanimously.

   Our last Memorial Day Mass in the Faculty House Chapel is concelebrated by Father Kilty and seven other Oblates. Perhaps because it is the last Mass in a place that was so familiar to many of us, the Chapel is filled to overflowing.

   The June meeting is a long one. Father Wrightson informs us, by letter, that he will be leaving NECHS and the new President will Be Father Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74. The first time the school has an alumnus as President.

   Because of scheduling conflicts at the Cathedral and the Wyndham Franklin Plaza, the date of next year's Breakfast must be changed. Bernie Donnelly, '50, and Len Knobbs, '53, move to change the date to April 14 instead of the normal two weeks prior to Easter. The motion passes unanimously.

   Only one of our Officer positions has a contest. Marty DePerro, '60, doesn't seek reelection as Third Vice President and the race is between Jim Hilbert, '71 and Joe Kilroy, '65. Kilroy prevails. Those elected are: Ed White, '55, Pres.; Tony Colletta, '72, 1st V.P., Pete Gallagher, '37, 2nd V.P., Joe Kilroy, '65, 3rd V.P., John Barnes, '89, 4th V.P., John Musial, '63, Sec'y., Len Knobbs, '53, Treas., Ken Florkowski, '88, Ass't. Sec'y, John Hanejko, '65, 1st Ass't. Treas., Larry Dolan, '37, 2nd Ass't. Treas., and Steve Cardullo, '72, Historian.


   Finance Committee Chairman Tony Colletta, '72, presents the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year. He presents a resolution establishing a Building Fund Reserve funded with a minimum of $10,000 per year for a minimum of five years. Tony gives a lengthy report on the reasoning of the committee's recommendation. He informs the Board that the resolution was adopted by the committee 7 to 1. A lengthy debate ensues over the pros and cons of the resolution. Nineteen of the 51 class reps present rise to speak for or against its adoption by the Board. A motion to table is introduced by Brian Darreff, '74 and seconded by Dan Creedon III, '75. It is defeated on a show of hands 37 to 14. At this point, one member left the meeting. President White calls for a vote on the Resolution. Len Knobbs, '53, requests a roll call vote. The results are 34 yes, 11 no, and 4 abstentions. Included in the proposed budget are two major changes. First, no longer will the profit from Falcons Fun in the Sun be donated proportionately to our three charities, instead it will remain with the Association. Second, we will no longer underwrite the cost of printing and mailing the FALCONWAY brochure. The cost will be split by the three charities. Both of these changes are recommended by the Finance Committee because of the dwindling financial resources of the Association.

   A motion to approve the budget is made by Colletta, '72, and Cardullo, '72. A number of members speak and a lengthy debate ensues. On a show of hands, the motion passed 44 - 3, with 2 abstentions.

   Jim Whitehead, '76, makes a motion to appropriate $10,000 to underwrite tuition to recruit football players. It is seconded by Dan Creedon, '75. Another lengthy discussion ensues. Jim Hilbert, '71 moves to table the motion, and it is seconded by Knobbs. The motion passes unanimously.

   The Golf Classic is our usual social success. A great time is had by those in attendance and we raise almost $25,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   We increase our dues paying membership by 3 to 5220 for a new record.

   Len Knobbs, '53, is elected to his seventh consecutive three year term as Treasurer of Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.

   On July 29, we depart the Faculty House for our new quarters in school. It is a bittersweet day for some. We have spent a great deal of our waking hours over the last 47 years in those confines. It takes all day to move our furniture and equipment and we are deeply grateful to the thirteen men from the Board who help. For posterity they are: Ron Fanning, '39, Joe McGillen, '44, Len Knobbs, '53, Ed White, '55, Joe Alexander, '58, John Musial, '63, John Hanejko, '65, Joe Kilroy, '65, Ray Rysak, '66, Tom Joyce, '69, Luke Hogan, '71, Steve Cardullo, '72, and Josh Findlay, '95.

   Ten days later, while on vacation in western North Carolina, Len Knobbs, '53, is struck with a massive heart attack. He is air-lifted by helicopter to Johnson City, Tennessee, for emergency quadruple by-pass surgery. On the 25th of August, he is back in the Alumni Office on a part time basis. Hanejko and White carry on admirably during his absence and carry a major part of the work load for the next few months.

   On September 8th,323 people come to Moore's for our annual Fun in the Sun. This is our smallest crowd in the five years we have been running the general reunion at the Shore.

   Activities Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, advises that thirty one people will leave for Las Vegas on September 18.

   SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - A defining moment in United States history changes those plans for seven. The 24 who go are led by Board member Jim Hilbert, '71, who assures us that everyone had an enjoyable time. No word on the winners or losers.

   The Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. meets on September 20 to consider a request by NECHS President, Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, '74, for funding to purchase computer hardware and software for the new Resource Center. After a discussion on the advantages of providing these tools for the students, Len Knobbs, '53, and Joe Kilroy, '65, introduce a motion to approve $35,000 for this purpose. The Board concurs unanimously.

   Tony Colletta, '72, Finance Committee Chairman, reports to the Board in October on the committee's recommendation on Jim Whitehead's motion to appropriate $10,000 for football scholarships. Colletta states: "At this time, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which would be the ongoing funding for such a project, we cannot recommend adoption of the motion. Also, the Scholarship Fund should and would be the appropriate vehicle for any tuition assistance grants". Whitehead accepted the committee's decision and commented "discussion is the beginning of everything".

   Funds raised by FALCONWAY XIII drop more than $31,000 below last year. Contributions total $262,609.09 with the Scholarship Fund receiving $160,333.04, the Oblates get $32,902.34 both down from last year. Only Save Northeast Catholic who receives $69,373.71 tops the previous year.

   Reunion Planning Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, reports that we had to cancel the '91 Reunion due to lack of response. We did run the '86 Reunion with 35 in attendance. Because Regency Caterers worked with us, we were able to realize a small profit. More importantly, we were able to secure a new Board member from the class - Tom Ballard.

   The Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer gets bigger every year. This year, according to Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, we had 159 in attendance at Chickie & Pete's and raised just under $3,000.

   Plans have been underway for some time for a Dinner Dance to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the school. Joe Kilroy, '65, Len Knobbs, '53, and John Musial, '63, are members of the committee. The banquet will be on February 23 at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza. A Mass at the Cathedral will precede the dinner. A commemorative program will be published.


Gift for NECHS

   At the February 14, 2002 meeting of the Board, Finance Committee Chairman Tony Colletta, '72, on behalf of the committee, recommends that the Association give $25,000 to the school on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary banquet. It is seconded by Knobbs and approved unanimously.

   Because of the banquet, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony is not held until March 12. John "Jason" Marquess, '67, who has chaired the Selection Committee since the inception of the Hall of Fame steps down and Len Knobbs, '53, is named Chairman by the committee members. Henry "Hank" Siemiontkowski, '68, a standout basketball player at North and Villanova, who went on to play in the Eastern League and Europe, receives the award for Athletics. He has coached in Sweden, Belgium, Finland, and New Zealand and is a resident of Sweden. The Arts/Entertainment/Education award is conferred upon John Doman, '62. A star of stage, screen and TV, John has appeared in over 20 films, and has a starring role in the upcoming HBO series, "The Wire". Father Thomas Kelley, OSFS, '41 receives the award in the field of Business/Labor/Military. Father spent 28 years as a Navy Chaplain achieving the rank of Captain. He recently received the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal from Pope John Paul II. The Service award is presented to Joseph L. Zazyczny, '53. Joe served as a Philadelphia City Councilman for 12 years and later served as Secretary of the Office of Administration for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Edmund F. Gordon, '64, Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, receives the award for Science/Religion.

   At the March Board meeting, President White informs he Board that Martin G. DePerro, '60, submitted his resignation as a member of the Board of Directors to Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. Accordingly, he will accept nominations for this vacancy next month. To be nominated, you must be an elected member of the Board of Governors of the Association. Marty had previously submitted his resignation from the Board of Governors due to moving to Tobyhanna, PA. Falcons Fun in the Sun Chairman John Hanejko, '65, and Steve Cardullo, '72 move to change the site of the general reunion to Keenan's in North Wildwood. Hanejko explains that Moore's cannot or will not give us a mid summer date and Keenan's can host us on August 17. Price will be $25 in advance and $30 at the door. The motion is passed unanimously. Len Knobbs, '53, Reunion Planning Chairman, and Bud DiGiacomo, '44, introduce a motion for the Association to sponsor reunions for the Classes of '82, '87, and '92, at Regency Caterers on October 18, 25, and November 1, respectively. The Board approves the motion unanimously.

   On April 12, two members of the Board, Jack Marczely, '55, and John Barnes, '89, are nominated to fill the vacancy on the Board of Directors of Save NEC Fund, Inc. Barnes defeats Marczely and will complete the unexpired term until February, 2003.

   The Communion Breakfast on April 12 attracts 547 to hear Michael Smerconish, Esq., a local radio talk show host. Lou Nolan, public address announcer for the Philadelphia Flyers, serves as Toastmaster. Mr. Smerconish accepts our annual Outstanding Achievement Award.

   Only 87 attend our Old Timers' Reunion, down from 94 last year.

   Steve Cardullo, '72, Lucky 12's Club Chairman, tells the Board at our May meeting that we sold 10,059 tickets - the most ever. Once again, the large number was due to multiple sales by a few Board members.

   The incumbent officers are nominated at the May meeting without opposition. Election Chairman Pat Boyle, '49, informs the Board in a letter dated June 1 that they are elected.

   Attendance at Memorial Day Services drops to something below our usual seventy. Oblate Fathers Kilty, '59, Smith, '74, and Ashenbrenner, '44 concelebrate Mass in the school auditorium.

Golf Classic Raises Record Amount

   The Golf Classic on June 10 at Melrose CC attracts 160 golfers plus the usual cadre of on-lookers. Chairman John Barnes, '89, and his committee go all-out and produce a record $27,532.75 for the Scholarship Fund.

   Len Knobbs, '53, proposes, at the June 13 Board meeting, we confer Honorary Membership on Dennis George, Esq. Mr. George has served as Counsel to the Association, pro bono, since 1985. The motion is seconded by Bernie Donnelly, '50, and passes unanimously.

   A year for record achievements. We have 5226 dues paying members.

   Only 326 attend Falcons Fun in the Sun at Keenan's. Not too many of our patrons are happy with the change. Chairman Hanejko says the committee will meet to look for solutions to declining attendance.

   In September, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, informs the Board that, once again, there were problems reserving the date of the Communion Breakfast at the Cathedral and the Wyndham Franklin Plaza. We had the date at both places, then were told by the Cathedral that the Cardinal had scheduled something for our date so we would have to pick another date. Over the summer, he has gone back and forth with both institutions seeking a compromise date. He finally secured February 23 and President Ed White, '55 approved the date. Accordingly, Len makes a motion to concur with the President's decision, it is seconded by Pat Boyle, '49, and approved unanimously. President White informs the Board that we will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary in 2004 and we should begin to plan now. He names the following committees: Arrangements: Ed White, '55, and John Musial, '63; Program and Ad Book: Len Knobbs, '53, and Steve Cardullo, '72; Sales: Pat Boyle, '49, and John Hanejko, '65.

   The Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic, Inc., at their September meeting, unanimously adopts a motion submitted by Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, and John Hanejko, '65, to pay $100 of each student at North's activity fee. It is felt that this will be a good recruiting tool in that every student will benefit. The cost for this year will be $77,000.

   At the October meeting of the Board of Governors, Knobbs makes a motion seconded by Bill Feltwell, '73, to secure King's Caterers in Bristol, PA, for Sunday, September 26, 2004 for the 75th Anniversary banquet. It is approved unanimously.

   FALCONWAY XIV comes to a close and sets a new record for funds raised - $295,614.73. The Oblates receive $31,008.93, Save Northeast Catholic is the recipient of $77,615.23, and the Scholarship Fund receives $186,990.57.

   The Activities Committee has been hard at work pondering a proposal by Mike Leith, '86, to sponsor a 5K Race 1Mile Walk. It would be held on April 12 on West River Drive. Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, and Mike Donofrio, '47, introduce a motion to adopt the proposal. After a lengthy discussion, it is passes with two negative votes. Falcons Fun in the Sun Chairman John Hanejko, '65, explains that the committee is recommending moving the location to Lighthouse Pointe in the Shawcrest section of Wildwood. Also, that it will be joint venture with the school. Each group will keep all the profit from advance sales and door sales will be split evenly. He makes a motion to accept the recommendation, it is seconded by Bill Feltwell, '73, and passed unanimously.

   On October 20, Paul D. Quinn, Secretary Emeritus of the Association dies of a sudden heart attack. Paul served as Secretary for 46 years and as Assistant Secretary for two years. He had been a member of the Board of Governors for over 50 years. He had been named an Outstanding Alumnus by the Association in 1969 and was inducted into the NECHS Hall of Fame in 1994. Another bulwark of the Association has gone to his heavenly reward.

   Attendance at the Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer on November 24 is down slightly. Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, advises that the profit is up, thanks to the "BIG BOARD" drawing. This ingenious game brought on board by John Barnes, '89, has worked well at the Golf Classic also.

   President Ed White, '55, names Mike Leith, '86, Chairman of the 5K Run Committee. Leith has been in contact with the Fairmount Park Commission about securing the date and site. Joe Kilroy, '65, and Dominic Aspite, '64, make a motion to sponsor a trip to NYC to see "Beauty and the Beast" on May 17. Cost including dinner, show, and bus will be $145 per person. It is passed by the Board with one opposed and two not voting.

   At the January meeting, Finance Chairman Tony Colletta, '72, and Pat Boyle, '49, move to adopt a recommendation of the committee to appropriate $765 to purchase commemorative watches for the 26 members of the Catholic League Champion Soccer team. A lengthy discussion follows. The motion passes 34 - 14 with 1 not voting. Musial and Knobbs request that their "nay" votes be recorded as such. President White tells the Board that he will accept nominations for election next month to the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. The incumbent members whose terms expire are Pat Boyle, '49, Steve Cardullo, '72, and Joe Kilroy, '65. These three are nominated and there being no further nominations, White declares them elected to terms that will expire in 2010.

   Mike Leith, '86, informs the Board in February that the date of April 12 is OK but the site will be Kelly Drive.

Breakfast Attendance Lags

   Secretary for Catholic Education for the Archdiocese and a former teacher at NECHS, Dr. Richard McCarron receives our Outstanding Achievement Award at the Communion Breakfast on February 23. Don Tollefson, of FOX-TV News, is the Toastmaster. Attendance is the lowest in 30 years - under 400. Our loss is held to a minimum because of the generosity of the catering manager at the Wyndham Franklin Plaza. Father Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74, President of NECHS, receives our Outstanding Alumnus Award. Our long-time attorney, Dennis George who has filled this role for over 20 years and always pro-bono is named an Honorary Member.  Len Knobbs, '53, confirms that we have firm commitments from the hotel and the Cathedral for next year's date. 

   The 15th Annual NECHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place on February 25. Joseph F. Kadlec, '62, Director of Fan Services for the Philadelphia Flyers is the inductee in the field of Athletics. Since 1967, he has worked in a number of "front office" capacities for the Flyers. The recipient in the field of Arts/Entertainment/Education is Kenneth W. Milano, '77. He works as a GED Instructor at the Lutheran Settlement House in Kensington and as an English as a Second Language Instructor. He has published a number of articles and books primarily on history of Kensington and Fishtown. Our Secretary, John T. Musial, '63, is the Service inductee. John has been a member of the Alumni Board of Governors, with the exception of two years, since 1966. He has been involved in CYO sports for over 35 years as coach, administrator and Regional Athletic Director. The recipient of the award for Science/Religion is Michael E. Pietrzak, '67. An employee of RCA, Mike is an Electrical Engineer who has been involved in a number of modifications to Navy radar systems. He is currently the Responsible Engineer for a new state-of-the-art shipboard radar system. James A. Williams, '68, is the recipient in the field of Business/Labor/Military. Jim began his work in the Labor movement as President and Business Manager of Glaziers Union Local 252. In 1994, he was elected Regional Vice President of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Jim was unanimously elected General President of IUPAT in 2002.

   Outlook at the March meeting is dim. Lucky 12's Chairman Cardullo reports sales are over 200 below last year. Kilroy tells us that the trip to NYC is cancelled for lack of interest.

   The Archdiocese informs Father Smith that they are requesting a payment of $25,000 toward accumulated deficit of over $1.7 million. He, in turn, forwards the request to Save Northeast Catholic Fund's Board of Directors. At their March 26 meeting, after a lengthy discussion centering around the fact that they have already committed to paying in excess of $75,000 toward student activity fees, the Board approves a motion by Len Knobbs, '53 and seconded by Pat Boyle, '49, to completely underwrite the amount requested. The check will be forwarded to the Archdiocese after July 1 upon receipt of a copy of a signed agreement. The motion passes with one negative vote.

   In April, the financial outlook for the Association gets worse, Lucky 12's Club sales are almost 1100 lower than the previous year. Steve Cardullo, '72, points out that this will translate into $11000 plus in lost income. Old Timers' Reunion Chairman Ron Fanning, '39, reports that we only have 67 reservations with less than two weeks to go. One bright spot, 5K Run Chairman Mike Leith, '86, advises that we have 104 runners and 34 walkers signed up.

5K Run a Success

   Two days later, on a bright sunny Saturday, 123 runners and 53 walkers participate in the Inaugural Falcon 5K Run. Chairman Mike Leith and President Ed White present commemorative plates to the overall winners - Michael Kerr (16:57.2) and Elena Gomez (18:27.4); and certificates to the top three in each age and sex category. Best news, we make over $3500.

   Ninety people show up at Brook Side Manor on April 23 for the Old Timers' Reunion. If it wasn't for the 50/50, we would have lost money.

   At the May meeting, Cardullo reports that Lucky 12' Club sales came in 1243 below last year. More importantly, we are more than $10,000 under our budgeted figure and this is the smallest number of tickets sold since 1992. White appoints a committee consisting of Len Knobbs, '53, John Hanejko, '65, and Mike Ferris, '82 to research the feasibility of the Association establishing a Web site.

   Seventy five people are in attendance on Memorial Day. Father Kilty concelebrates Mass with Fathers Sullivan and Ashenrenner. Despite a torrential downpour Chairman John Handley, '58, and President White manage to place a wreath at the Shrine.

   On May 28, 2003, at the annual year end dinner of the Fathers' and Mothers' Association of Northeast Catholic High School, William J. Feltwell, '73, in his capacity as President of FAMA, presented a plaque to the Association. The plaque reads To Northeast Catholic Alumni Association in gratitude for their kindness and generosity to our sons and for all they do for Northeast Catholic.

   Despite a near catastrophe created by the pro at Melrose CC, the Golf Classic attracts 100 participants. At the last minute less than 2 weeks before its scheduled date, a member calls the Alumni Office to ask why the date has been changed. Executive Secretary-Treasurer Knobbs contacts Melrose and is informed that this was the date that had been assigned to us all along. He calls Chairman John Barnes, '89, who tries to work things out with Melrose to no avail. Barnes, and his committee, in true Falcon spirit and tradition overcome the problems and raise over $25,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   Having served three consecutive terms, Ed White, '55, is ineligible to run for President. All but one of those nominated are unopposed. The only office requiring a vote is Assistant Secretary and Robert M. Woltjen, '83, defeats Jeffrey Rzepczynski, '88. Those elected in addition to Woltjen are: President - Anthony J. Colletta, '72, First Vice President - Joseph F. Kilroy, '65, Second Vice President - Peter P. Gallagher, '37, Third Vice President John J. Barnes, '89, Fourth Vice President - Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88, Secretary - John T. Musial, '63, Treasurer - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, First Assistant Treasurer - John R. Hanejko, '65, Second Assistant Treasurer - Lawrence A. Dolan, '37, and Historian - Stephen A. Cardullo, '72. Motion by Knobbs and Ed McKenna, '63, to appropriate $145 to purchase commemorative gifts for the Catholic League Champion Chess team. It is passed with one negative vote.

   Dues paying members are 5113, down 113 from last year.

   In July, Save Northeast Catholic Fund forwards its check in the amount of $78,500 covering their payment of $100 of the activity fee for each student attending NECHS.

Attendance Soars at Shore

   On August 2, Five Hundred Ninety Five show up at Lighthouse Pointe for annual reunion. The joint venture between the school and the Association can be considered a success.

   Chairman John Hanejko, '65, reports, on behalf of the Falcons Fun in the Sun Committee, at the September meeting, that we made approximately $8200 on the affair. $2700 was from the sale of our chances. The school realized a profit of approximately $3,000.

   President Tony Colletta, '72 informs the Board that due to his elevation to the presidency and Kilroy's election as 1st V. P., there is a vacancy on the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. Ed White, '55, and Bob Woltjen, '83, are nominated with White the eventual victor. He will serve an unexpired term ending in February, 2010.

   Colletta appoints Len Knobbs, '53, to his twenty-first consecutive term as Executive Secretary with John Hanejko, '65, and Ed White, '55, as his Assistants. The Board concurs unanimously.

   In October, Finance Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, advises the Board that the Web site committee had made a presentation to the Finance Committee on the research for a site. The site committee had interviewed a number of firms and selected Wolfpack as the site manager. It will cost $3655 to develop and maintain the site. The cost will be absorbed by the Capital Reserve Fund which was established years ago to cover capital expenditures such as this.


   For the first time in the sixteen year history of the FALCONWAY Drive, we exceed the $300,000 mark. The drive raised $305,946.71. Coincidentally, it also went over the $3 million for the entire 16 drives. The Scholarship Fund was the beneficiary of $206,644.93, Save Northeast Catholic Fund received $72,967.32, and the Oblates received $26,334.46.

   At the November 13 Board meeting, Golf Classic Chairman John Barnes, '89, introduces a motion, seconded by Len Knobbs, to hold the Golf Classic at Ashbourne Country Club on June 7, 2004. It passes unanimously.

   The crowd at the Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer dropped again. Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, tells us that we made over $3000.

   The Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund vote unanimously at their November meeting to approve a motion by Len Knobbs, '53, and Pat Boyle, '49, to increase the value of the grants to incoming Freshmen at NECHS to $225,000 and reduce the number of grants awarded to 40. The grants awarded will be 5 @ $10,000, 5 @ $8,000, 5 @ $6000, 5 @ $5000, and 20 @ $4000.

   The Board meeting on January 8 is a busy one. Len Knobbs, '53, advises that the band "Slippery" has been contracted for the 75th Anniversary Dinner Dance on September 26. Cost of the dinner is $65 per person which includes cocktails, hors' d'oeuvres, and your choice of entree - filet mignon, veal cordon bleu or stuffed flounder. Ads in the History book will go for $150 (page), $100 ( page), $60 (1/4 page), and $35 (1/8 page). Inside covers will cost $500. He asks Classes to utilize their funds to purchase ads. Joe Kilroy, '65, and Joe McGillen, '44, move to sponsor a trip to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in Lancaster on April 24 at a cost of $70 per person. Motion is passed with 3 not voting. Ray Rysak, '66, makes a motion that Board members voluntarily contribute $10 each toward the cost of purchasing the inside front cover. It is seconded by Jim Hilbert, '71. The motion passes 41 - 3 with 5 not voting.

   NECHS Hall of Fame holds its induction ceremony on February 24. Mike Fallon, '48 is inducted in the field of Athletics. An All-City and All Big 5 basketball star at St. Joseph's University, he coached basketball at Cardinal Dougherty HS from 1956 until 1960. Jerry Jonas, '49, a columnist for Bucks County Courier Times, is the recipient of the award for Arts/Entertainment/Education. He had also worked as a cartoonist for the Evening Bulletin and Levittown Evening Press. Louis J. Sigmund, '50, who received the Navy Cross during the Korean War is the recipient for Business/Labor/Military. The Service award is presented to State Representative John J. Taylor, '73. John has served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 1984. The recipient of the Science/Religion award is Charles J. Wolf, MD. Since 1999, Dr. Wolf, a specialist in renal diseases and hypertension, has been the Chief Medical Officer for Pennsylvania Hospital.

   On March 11, Joe Kilroy, '65, informs the Board that President Colletta had approved the purchase of 50 tickets for a Phillies vs. Kansas City Royals at the new Citizens Bank Park. Kilroy makes a motion seconded by Jim Hilbert, '71 to approve the President's decision. The Board agrees unanimously.

   Bill Campbell, locally renowned sportscaster is the principal speaker at the March 28 Communion Breakfast. John McAdams, '58, is Toastmaster. Campbell also accepts our annual Outstanding Achievement Award. Lawrence A. Dolan, '37, and James P. Scanlon, '30 receive our Outstanding Alumnus Award.

   At the April meeting Breakfast Sales Chairman John Hanejko, '65, reports that ticket sales almost made it to 500. We had 489 in attendance. As a result, we have been notified of a significant increase in the price for next year by the Wyndham Franklin Plaza. Len Knobbs tells the Board that ticket sales and ad sales for the Anniversary Dinner Dance are minimal. Vice Chairman of the Activities Committee Joe Mulawka, '51, advises the Board that the Dutch Apple Trip has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Ron Fanning, '39, Chairman of the Old Timers' Reunion advises that sales are terrible with less than two weeks to go.

   Motion by Steve Cardullo, '72, and Mike Fenerty, '81 to appropriate $475 to purchase commemorative gifts for the Catholic League Champion wrestling team. Motion carries with one nay vote and one not voting. Motion by Steve Cardullo, '72, and Len Knobbs, '53 to appropriate $1000 as a donation to the school in connection with the Red Tie fund raiser being held by NECHS. Motion passes unanimously.

   The 2nd Annual Falcon 5K Run attracts fewer participants than last year but we worked out a few of the kinks from last year. Thanks to Paul Amrhein, '72, and his innovative software, we are able to provide instantaneous race results. We have 71 runners and 26 walkers participate. Unfortunately, this writer accidentally erases the disk with the data so we can't tell you who the winners are.

   Only 75 people attend our Old Timers Reunion.


   At the end of April, our long awaited website WWW.NECATHALUMNI.ORG is up and running.

   In May, the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund reelect Len Knobbs, '53 to a three-year term as Treasurer.

   At the May meeting, Old Timers' Reunion Chairman Ron Fanning, '39, reports attendance was less than 100 and says he doesn't understand why attendance at this affair doesn't increase since we add a larger class every year.

   Memorial Day Services attract only 55 people. Chairman John Handley asks the Board to come up with ways of attracting more people to this worthwhile "free" event.

   On June 1, Colletta receives a letter from Father Smith, North's President, enclosing a copy of a letter from the Archdiocese requesting a payment of $199,000 toward the accumulated deficit of almost $2 million. This poses a major problem for Save Northeast Catholic Fund's Board. They have already committed to over an anticipated $80,000 plus to underwrite the $100 per student toward their activity fee. This has been promised, in writing, to the students' parents and been talked up at "open houses" at NECHS to attract students. The Board is divided. One element wants to do nothing this year, make our final payment on the commitment to the students and then consider requests for deficit payments in future fiscal years. Another side wants to pay the entire requested payment. The discussion goes on and on. A motion to pay nothing fails 5 to 2. Kilroy and Cardullo move to make a payment of $25,000 in the next fiscal year upon receipt of a signed agreement. The motion carries 5 to 2.

   With sales lagging for the 75th Anniversary celebration, the committee decides to mail a letter to every alumnus of record at a cost of over $4,000. It is hoped this will spur sales of both ads and dinners.

   Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, reports that Lucky 12's Club sales are up by 390 over last year.

   The budget as proposed by the Finance Committee contains major changes. Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, explains them to the Board. First, the committee is proposing not to hold an Old Timers' Reunion during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2005. Rather they would schedule it for the Fall of '05 hoping to attract larger participation. Second, they propose a significant increase in the expenses for the Executive Secretary and his assistants. Something that had not been done in a number of years. Cardullo moved to accept the budget, it was seconded by Bill McCormac, '61. After a lengthy discussion, it was approved with one member voting nay. Cardullo proposed an appropriation of $250 for a Tee Sponsor for the Oblates Golf Classic on September 13. Len Knobbs seconded it and it was passed unanimously.

   There was no opposition to any of the candidates for the Executive Board. The officers for next year are: Tony Colletta, '72, - President, Joe Kilroy, '65 - 1st V. P., Pete Gallagher, '37 - 2nd V. P., John Barnes, '89 - 3rd V. P., Ken Florkowski, '88 - 4th V. P., John Musial, '63 - Sec'y., Len Knobbs, '53 - Treas., Bob Woltjen, '83 - Ass't. Sec'y., John Hanejko, '65 - 1st Ass't. Treas., Larry Dolan, '37 - 2nd Ass't. Treas., and Steve Cardullo, '72 Historian.

   On June 19, 50 members journey to Citizens Bank Park to see the Phillies beat the Royals.

   We end the year with 4904 dues payers, our lowest total since 1995.

   Save NEC Fund forwards its check in the amount of $25,000 to the Archdiocese on July 22, as a payment against the NECHS deficit and eight days later sends Father Smith a check for $81,700 covering payment for the students' activity fee.

   On August 7, we fill Lighthouse Pointe almost to capacity with over 700 in attendance. A great day - sun, fun and camaraderie. What else can you ask for?

   All things considered, we have much to be thankful for, and in the measure of things, we have accomplished quite a lot in 75 years.

   38,703 living and dead bear the title "alumnus". To the best of our knowledge over 31,000 are still alive - from 17 members of the Class of '29 to 169 members of the Class of '04.

   In our 75 years, our accomplishments and those of our members are legendary - not the least of which is our support of NECHS and the Oblates.

   During this period, the Association has contributed over One million dollars to the school and the Oblates.

  Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc, in its 36 years of existence has contributed $2,131,531 to Catholic education by underwriting the tuition of students. The bulk of this - $1,778,781 - has gone for tuition assistance to students of NECHS.

   Save Northeast Catholic Fund has contributed, in eleven short years, $510,447 to underwrite deficits and various improvement projects at our Alma Mater.

   We continue to provide a link to the site of the happy days of our adolescence and we strive to continue to provide the opportunity for a Salesian education in the Northeast Catholic tradition to future generations.


   Twenty five years ago, this author had the help of Joe McKeown, '33, in composing the first 50 years. This time, I did it all alone. That's neither complaint nor braggadocio, merely, a way of saying, if you don't like what you read you can blame me - Len Knobbs, '53.

   I am indebted to our Historians for the records, both written and pictorial, they kept over the years. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Steve Cardullo, '72, for the hours he spent in research for this project, and to John Hanejko, '65, for his help in selecting photos and proof reading.

   I would be remiss if I didn't mention some very special people both alive and dead - who played an important part in shaping the Association and my part in it over the past 47 plus years. Taking the risk of overlooking or angering someone, I acknowledge gratefully: Fathers Fernan Brennan, John Tye, Edward Simons, and Neil Kilty, Chick Quinn, '36, Joe Murphy, '29, Jim Fitzgerald, '42, Charlie Malone, '30, Jim Cox, '36, Pat Boyle, '49, Rocco lacone, '55, Bill Arnoldy, '38, Tony Cendrowski, '57, Ray Zegarski, '59, John Musial, '65, John Hanejko, '65, Tom Morgan, '64, Jim Bollendorf, '73, Steve Cardullo, '72, Ed White, '55, Tony Colletta, '72, "Swede" Mallon, '29, Jim Scanlon, '30, "Tim" Dunleavy, '32, Ed Ganister, '32, Joe McKeown, '33, Bill O'Connell, '34, Paul Kelly, '34, Jack Thiers, '34, Paul Quinn, '36, Pete Gallagher, '37, Ed Guinan, '37, Frank Gormley, '38, Tom Hills, '38, John Boyle, '39, Dick McGrath, '39, Joe Edwards, '40, Joe Mackin, '40, Vince McGowan, '41, Frank Devinney, '42, Joe Kling, '42, Jim Sproul, '42, Phil McManus, '43, "Bud" DiGiacomo, Leo McCarthy, '44, "Hank" Blaszczyk, '45, "Reds" Cawley, '45, Jerry Porter, '46, Joe Campbell, '46, Irv Straw, '46, Jim Flanagan, '47, Tom Cleary, '47, Bernie Donnelly, '50, Joe Mulawka, '51, Jack Junod, '52, Bill Sullivan, '53, Bill Parkes, '54, Bill Coyle, '56, Ed Markowski, '56, John Handley, '58, Bill Nesbitt, '59, Joe Gabor, '61, Bill McCormac, '61, Jim Walker, '62, Joe Kilroy, '65, Ray Rysak, '66, Jim Whalen, '67, Tom Joyce, '69, Jim Kelly, '70, Jim Hilbert, '71, Bill Feltwell, '73, Jerry Volgraf, '81, Bob Woltjen, '83, John Dooley, '84, Ken Florkowski, '88, and John Barnes, '89.

   I saved a special mention for my dear friend and fellow Class Rep for 40 years - Frank Gleason, May God Bless him.

   In 1979, I thanked my wife, Barbara. I would be remiss if I didn't thank her once again for the help she gave in selecting photos and reading copy and just being there for the past 47 years while I've spent a great deal of time at "North".

   For the sake of those who helped - we hope you enjoyed traveling from 1929 to 2004 with us in our time machine. In closing, we feel the efforts of the Association through the years can best be described by paraphrasing the words of a few stanzas of a popular song:

Regrets, we had a few,
But then again, too few to mention,
We did what we had to do
And saw it through without exception.
We planned each charted course,
Each careful step along the byway,
And more... much more than this...
We did it

Yes, There were times,
We're sure you knew
When we bit off more than we could chew,
But through it all,
When there was doubt,
We ate it up and spit it out,
We faced it all and we stood tall,
And did it,

   At the October meeting of the Board, Knobbs reports that 300 were in attendance at the 75th Anniversary celebration well below what we anticipated. However, the event was a financial success generating over $6600 in profit for the Association.

   The FALCONWAY XVI drive is the most successful to date raising $335,010.47 over $29,000 more than last year. The Oblates received $30,537., Save NEC Fund - $73,819.05, and the Scholarship Fund - $230,654.42.

   Attendance at the Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer dropped again to 80. Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, attributed the decrease to Eagles game being a late afternoon start. Thanks to the Big Board drawing we made about $2,000.

   A full bus of alumni and friends ventured to New York City to enjoy the matinee performance of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show. Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65 reports a profit of over $600.

   The NECHS Hall of Fame inductees this year are headed by our own Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59 who is the Religion/Science recipient. Dennis Seddon, '67, long time coach at Roman Catholic is the recipient for Athletics. Carl Gregory, '51, CEO of the Third Federal Savings receives the award for Business/Labor/Military. Joseph Hand, '54, retired police officer and chairman of Hand Promotions is given the award for Service. Thomas Smith, '66, former teacher at NECHS and currently the number two man in the Archdiocesan Office of Education accepts the award for Arts/Entertainment/Education.

   425 are in attendance at the annual Communion Breakfast. John Doman, '62, stage, screen and TV actor is the Toastmaster and former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker receives the Outstanding Achievement Award and delivers the principal address.   President Colletta, '72, presents a plaque honoring Frank Devinney, '42 for fifty years of service on the Board of Governors.  John Hanejko, '65 receives a plaque for 25 years service.

   The Falcon 5K Run and Walk is held on Kelly Drive on Saturday, April 9. Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, reports 72 runners and 40 walkers participated. The champions were Art deHavenon of New York City and Joan Hunter. DeHavenon's time was 18:07 and Hunter finished in 18:38 which besides winning the Women's Division was good for third overall.

   At the May meeting, Lucky 12's Club Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, reports that ticket sales were 427 less than last year. Breakfast Arrangements Chairman Len Knobbs, '53 advises the Board that the committee had checked out two other sites but they presented problems in that the meal would be buffet style and one would be on paper plates. Accordingly, the committee was recommending that we remain at the Franklin Wyndham Plaza. The Board concurs unanimously.

   Falcons Fun in the Sun committee Chairman John Hanejko, '65, discussed a meeting the committee had with Mike McCarron, '84, the school's Director of Institutional Advancement concerning the split of potential profit from the sale of tickets. The committee recommends the profit from ticket sales be split evenly with the school. The Association would retain the profit from the Big Board raffle. After a lengthy discussion, the Board concurs.

   Attendance at the Memorial Day Service drops to 62. Chairman John Handley, '58 advises that Mass was concelebrated in the school auditorium by Oblates Fathers Neil Kilty, '59, Robert Ashenbrenner, '44, John Spellman, '56, and John Sullivan.

   Elections at the June meeting see Ed White, '55, defeat John Musial, '63 for the post of 1st Vice President. The new officers for the coming year, in addition to White, are: President - Anthony Colletta, '72; 2nd V. P. - Peter Gallagher, '37; 3rd V. P. - John Barnes, '89; 4th V. P. - Kenneth Florkowski, '88; Secretary - John Handley, '58; Treasurer - Leonard Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary - Robert Woltjen, '83; 1st Assistant Treasurer - John Hanejko, '65; 2nd Assistant Treasurer - Henry Stahl, '66; and Historian - Stephen Cardullo, '72.

   There is a new venue for the Golf Classic - Ashbourne Country Club - and Chairman John Barnes, '89 and his crew do their usual great job netting over $21,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   At the June 23 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Save Northeast Catholic Fund a letter is read from the Archdiocese requesting that the school pay $75,000 toward its deficit. A motion is made by Knobbs and Kilroy to pay the amount requested. After a discussion it is passed unanimously.

   We end the year with 4,668 members - down from last year and the first time since 1988 that less than 15% to the membership are dues paying members.

Falcons Fun in the Sun A Success

   The largest turnout ever - 979 - shows up at Lighthouse Pointe on August 6. The school and the Association split the profit of $14,099.44 evenly. The Association garners another $2572 as a result of the raffle.

   On September 30 former president Charles J. "Chick" Quinn dies. Chick served as president from November 27, 1949 to June 30, 1954. He was the last man to be elected president directly by the membership. He and the late Joe McKeown, '33, were primarily responsible for the incorporation of the Association. With the new corporate structure, officers were elected by the Board of Governors and Chick chose not to run in 1954. He served as the first Treasurer of the Scholarship Fund from May, 1968 to May, 1971 and as a Trustee from then until his death.

   A month to the day, we lose another Association stalwart - Lawrence A. Dolan, '37. Larry was first elected to the Board in November, 1948 and served with the exception of two months until May, 1958. He returned to the Board in March, 1973 and was a member until his death. Larry served as 1st Assistant Treasurer from July 1987 to June, 1988 and as 2nd Assistant Treasurer from July 1992 to June, 2005.


   The annual drive topped last year's mark by over $5,000 to reach $340,564.08. The Save NEC Fund and the Oblates increased over last year's total while donations to the Scholarship Fund were well below.

   102 attended our annual Old Timers' Reunion. Every Class from '33 to '45 was represented.

   Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, reports that 150 attended the Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer.

   NECHS Hall of Fame induction ceremony is held on February 21, 2006 with the following men honored. Arts/Entertainment/Education - John Grady, '55, Director of LaSalle University Honors Program. Athletics - Don D'Ambra, '90, Captain of the Philadelphia Kixx indoor soccer team. Business/Labor/Military - John Avery, '69, President of Prudential Life Insurance Company. Religion/Science - Dr. Michael Shetzline, MD, PhD, a nationally recognized internist. Service - Edward Lowry, '62, Director of the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Organization.

   Golf Classic Chairman John Barnes, '89, reports, at the March meeting that the Classic will move to North Hills Country Club. He and Knobbs move to hold the event on May 22. The Board unanimously concurs.

   Steve Cardullo, '72, as Finance Committee Chair moves to donate $1,000 to the school on the occasion of their Red Tie Gala. It seconded by Knobbs and approved unanimously by the Board.

   445 are present at the Cathedral for our annual Memorial Mass and then they adjourn to the Sheraton Center City for breakfast. Local comic Joey Callahan is Toastmaster and the principal speaker and recipient of our Outstanding Achievement award is former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale.

   President Tony Colletta, '72, informs the Board, at the April meeting, that there was no mention in the Red Tie Gala program of our donation while others were listed. He contacted Father Smith, school president, for an explanation and to date has not received one.

   Eighty-nine runners are joined by thirty walkers, in a torrential downpour, for the Fourth Annual Falcon 5k Run and Walk held on Kelly Drive. Nick Willey captures the Men's Gold with a time of 17:25.6. The Women's Crown goes to Joann McMahon. Her time - 21:56.5.

   On April 25, Father John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29, dies. Father was a man of many talents and many firsts. He was our first President, the first alumnus ordained to the priesthood, the first alumnus to become Provincial of the Oblates but most of all he was truly a Man of God.

   150 golfers teed off at North Hills CC for our annual Classic. Initial reports from Chairman John Barnes, '89, indicate a profit for the Scholarship Fund of between $20 and $25 thousand dollars.

   At the June meeting, we have contests for three of the four vice presidential offices. John Musial, '63, defeats Dave Mastropietro for 1st VP, Hank Stahl, '66, is the winner over Kevin Leyland, '84, for 2nd VP, and Brian Darreff, '74, edges Tom Ballard, '86, for 4th VP. Those elected without opposition were Ed White, '55, President; John Barnes, '89, 3rd VP; John Handley, '58, Secretary; Len Knobbs, '53, Treasurer; Bob Woltjen, '83, Assistant Secretary; John Hanejko, '65, 1st Assistant Treasurer; Jeff Brown, '79, 2nd Assistant Treasurer; and Anthony Colletta, '72, Historian.

   The Finance Committee recommends continuing to place $10,000 per year for the next four years in the Building Fund Reserve. There is currently $50,000 in the Fund. Assuming that it is not needed, this would create a fund of $90,000 by 2010. There is length debate pro and con the issue. The motion by Steve Cardullo, '72, and John Musial, '63, is to adopt the recommendation as part of the proposed budget. It is passed 34 to 14 with 2 abstentions.

   On June 19, the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. meets to act on a request from the Archdiocese to assist in underwriting a proposed deficit of NECHS. Treasurer Knobbs points out that we have two different performance agreements before us. The one dated April 20, 2006 is for $280,000 and the one dated May 30, 2006 is for $300,000. Knobbs and Cardullo move to approve the expenditure of $100,000 to the Archdiocese in support of the school. After a long debate it is approved 5 to 2.

   We end the year with 4,668 dues paying members - 188 below last year.

   Attendance at Falcons Fun in the Sun at Lighthouse Pointe drops to 852 and the profit to the school and the Association drops accordingly.

   In September, President Ed White, '55, informs the Board that he has received a request from Mike McCarron, '84, head basketball coach and Development Director, that the Athletic Department has ordered two state-of the-art scoreboards for the gym at a cost of $7,000. They are looking for sponsors. Finance Chairmen Pat McNally, '82, indicates the committee has met and will present a proposal under new business. He and Jim Hilbert, '71, move to appropriate $3,500 to sponsor one of the scoreboards. The motion was approved unanimously.

   FALCONWAY XVIII returns are well below last year's record setting returns. The total of $295,876.41 is over $44,000 less with the Scholarship Fund suffering most of the loss.

Attendance at Old Timer's Reunion Soars

   The change of the Old Timer's Reunion from Spring to Fall seems to be what the doctor ordered. Attendance is up to 121 - our largest to date. Chairman Ron Fanning, '39, reports a great time was had by all.

   Likewise, Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, reports on the November 19 event at Chickie's and Pete's on the Boulevard.

   At the February 8, 2007 meeting of the Board, an election for positions on the Save NEC Fund Board of Directors. Those elected will serve for seven years. Seven men have been nominated for the three positions. One - Ray Rysak, '66 - declined the nomination. The results were Steve Cardullo, '72 - 31; Pat Boyle, '49 - 30; Joe Glackin, '73 - 22; Bob Woltjen, '83 - 21; Jack Marczely, '55 - 19; and Jeff Rzepczynski, '88 - 12. Thus, Cardullo, Boyle, and Glackin were elected.

   On February 20, the following men were inducted into the NECHS Hall of Fame. Arts/Entertainment/Education - Jim Arnosky, '64; Athletics - Jim Gallagher, '47; Jim Dugan, '63 - Business/Labor/Military; Father John Dennis, OSFS, '37 - Religion/Science; and Vince Furlong, '50 - Service.

   The Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund votes unanimously to name this year's grants in honor of the Association's first president and a late member of the Board of Trustees - Father John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29.

   United States Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania, Patrick Meehan, is the principal speaker and recipient of our annual Outstanding Achievement Award at the Communion Breakfast. Bob (Hird) Kelly, of the CBS3 TV staff, and a member of the honor class of 1981 is the Toastmaster. Three Hundred and Ninety-One are in attendance. Frank Devinney, '42, and Nick Giordano, '61, receive the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Frank has been a member of the Board of Governors for over 54 years. Nick is the former head of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and current acting President of LaSalle University. Len Knobbs, '53, is honored for 50 years of service on the Board of Governors.

   With attendance getting smaller each year, a discussion ensues at the April Board meeting about the possibility of relocating to somewhere in the Northeast. President White assures the Board that the situation will be reviewed each year.

   On April 14, 120 attend the first Decade Reunion - the 80's. The Falcon 5K Run and Walk was held earlier that day with 56 runners and 18 walkers participating. The champs are Michael Broom (17:58.51) and Tallulah Mac (22:18.81).

   The Golf Classic has 137 golfers tee off - 17 in the AM and 120 in the PM. It is a huge social and financial success. The winning foursome with a best ball score of 60 was Bob Hansen, Bart Sparango, Rick Seiler, and Dom DiSandro, '57. All proceeds, as usual, benefit the Scholarship Fund.

   The Scholarship Fund Trustees elect Len Knobbs, '53, to his ninth consecutive three-year term as Treasurer.

   At the June meeting of the Board there is only one contest for the Executive Board, between Hank Stahl, '66, and Dave Mastropietro, '87. Stahl prevails. The other officers for the coming year are: President - Ed White, '55; 1st VP - John Musial, '63; 3rd VP - John Barnes, '89; 4th VP - Brian Darreff, '74; Secretary - John Handley, '58; Treasurer - Len Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary - Bob Woltjen, '83; 1st Assistant Treasurer - John Hanejko, '65; 2nd Assistant Treasurer - Jeff Brown, '79; and Historian - Tony Colletta, '72.

   We have 4,616 members for the year - down slightly from last year.

   698 attend the annual Falcons Fun in the Sun in August at Lighthouse Pointe in Wildwood. The crowd is down again.

   For the first time NECHS has a lay President - Stanley R. Witalec, '66. Stan is a veteran teacher, principal, and administrator from the Philadelphia public school system.

   At the September 20 meeting of the Trustees of the Scholarship Fund, Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, presents an analysis of the number and value of grants awarded to students entering NECHS. This was in response to a request by Trustee Pat Boyle, '49 at the last meeting of the Board. As a result of the analysis, he moves to increase the value of the grants awarded annually to $250,000 to 30 incoming Freshman as follows; 5 grants @ $12,000 each; five grants @ $10,000 each; 10 grants @ $8,000 each; and 10 grants @ $6,000 each. It is seconded by Boyle. All grants are payable in equal semi-annual installments over four years. The Board concurs unanimously.

   In October, five couples sail on The Diamond Princess for a 15-day cruise from Los Angeles to and around the Hawaiian islands with a stop in Ensenada, Mexico on the way back. A modest profit is made for the Association.

   FALCONWAY XIX donations total $333,111.83 up over $37,000 from last year.

   In November, both the Old Timer's Reunion and the Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer set attendance records. 132 attend the Reunion and 205 are present at the Beef and beer.

   The Board of Directors of Save Northeast Fund, Inc., meeting in December, receive a letter from school president Stan Witalec, '66, enclosing a copy of a Performance Agreement signed last June by Father Smith. It calls for a payment of $400,000. He indicates that Friends of NECHS and the school had paid part of it. Len Knobbs, '53, and Tony Colletta, '72 make a motion to pay $125,000 to the Archdiocese. It passes 5 to 1.

   The 20th Annual NECHS Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on March 4. The following men were enshrined in services in the school auditorium - Arts/Entertainment/Education - James Dougherty, PhD, '41; Athletics - Gerard Brindisi, '74; Business/Labor/Military - John Fries, '61; Religion/Science - James Padova, MD, '56, and Service - Edward White, '55.

   Communion Breakfast attendance drops again to 352. Sales Chairman John Hanejko, '65, notes that this is the lowest total since 1977. FOX29 Sportscaster Don Tollefson receives the Outstanding Achievement award for his work with disadvantaged children and he delivers the principal address. John Barnes, '89, does an excellent job as Toastmaster filling in for John Doman, '62, when a last minute change in his filming schedule prohibited him from attending. A long-time and well-loved North teacher - Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 - is named an Outstanding Alumnus.

   On an up note Falcon 5k Run and Walk attendance rises - 89 runners and 27 walkers.

   The Golf Classic, scheduled for Torresdale-Frankford CC, is postponed due to rain. It will be held on July 21.

   All of the incumbent officers are unopposed and are declared reelected by Elections Committee Chairman Pat Boyle, '49. With Ed White's reelection as President, he becomes the third man to have elected to this office six times.

   Memorial Day Services begin with a Mass in the school auditorium concelebrated by our chaplain, Father Neil Kilty, OSFS, '59, and Fathers Robert Ashenbrenner, OSFS, '44, and John Spellman, OSFS. Attendance, as reported by Chairman John Handley, '58, was 75 which is on a par with the last few years.

   Chairman John Musial, '63, reports that Lucky 12's sales are down from last. He points out that the profit from this venture is what underwrites most of our programs and assistance to the school. It is vital that every Board member and member of the Association support the program.

   On June 25, 2008, President Ed White, '55, and Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, meet with school president Stan Witalec, '66, accountant Gerald McCormac, Jason Marquess, '67, Jim Meehan, '67, and Dennis Kelly, '67, as representatives of FONECHS, and David Magee, Director of Educational Financial Services for the Archdiocese. As a result of this meeting, President White called a meeting of the Save NEC Board. They met on July 16, with Witalec, Marquess, and Kelly present, to discuss to the school's financial state. After listening to their presentation, and hearing from White and Knobbs about the meeting at the Office of Catholic Education, Knobbs made a motion seconded by Pat Boyle, '49, to pay $250,000 to the Archdiocese on behalf of the school.

   Dues paying membership increases to 4917 from 4616 last year which almost 16% of the potential membership.

   Attendance at Falcons Fun in the Sun at Lighthouse Pointe in Wildwood increases also from 742 to 793.

   On October 15, past president and current Historian Tony Colletta, '72 resigns from the Board of Governors due to an increasing work schedule and health issues. This also creates a vacancy on the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund.

   Returns for FALCONWAY XX are down over $18,000 from last year. Of the $314,371.57 raised, $201,209.52 went to the Scholarship Fund, $80,520.53 to Save Northeast Catholic Fund, and $32,641.52 to the Oblates.

   In November, the Board of Governors elect Brian Darreff, '74, to the Board of Directors of Save NEC Fund.

   Both the Old Timers' Reunion and Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer suffer major drops in attendance. Only 76 attend the Old Timers' which is the lowest since 2003, and 165 attend the Beef and Beer at Chickie's and Pete's.

   At the January meeting, Activities Committee Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, proposes that we sponsor a cruise to Bermuda from October 3 to 10. The Norwegian Majesty will leave from the cruise terminal at the old Philadelphia Navy Yard thus obviating the need for air travel for most. Inside cabins on decks 3 and 4 would be $645 per person; outside cabins on the same decks - $695 per person and outside cabins on deck 6 would be $755 per person. The Association would receive a commission of $20 per person; a free cocktail party if we book 8 cabins and a free trip for each group of 15 we have on the cruise. If we get the free cabin(s), they will be folded into the profit. It is seconded by John Musial, '63, and approved with one member not voting.

   On February 10, the 21st NECHS Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place in the school auditorium. Thomas Forkin, '52 - Arts/Entertainment/Education; James Hueber, '66 - Athletics; Steven McCaffrey, '81 - Business/Labor/Military; Edward McClay, MD, '67; and Paul Hondros, '66 - Service are the men honored.

   The Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. meets on February 19 in response to letter from school president Stan Witalec, '66, requesting their immediate help in responding to a demand by the Archdiocese that school pay immediately $400,000 toward its deficit. In attendance were President Ed White, '55, VP John Musial, '63, Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, and Directors John Barnes, '89, Pat Boyle, '49, Steve Cardullo, '72, Brian Darreff, '74, Joe Glackin, '73, and John Hanejko, '65. After a lengthy discussion among the directors, Glackin and Darreff made a motion to pay the $400,000 to the Archdiocese. The Board concurred unanimously. Due to the need to redeem certificates of deposit and sell securities to meet the payment, Knobbs contacts the Dr. Richard McCarron, Secretary for Catholic Education and they agree that the Fund will forward $75,000 immediately and pay the remaining $325,000 by June 15, 2009.

   The Lucky 12's Club mailing and Communion Breakfast announcement are sent to the 21,000 members that we have addresses for and no sooner do they arrive when the tumult begins. The alumni office and President White are inundated with complaints regarding the selection of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffrey as the recipient of our annual Outstanding Achievement Award because of his alleged stance regarding abortion. John Handley, '58, Speakers' Committee Chair advises the Board of the process for selection and the vetting of those nominated, he indicates that they could find no mention of this in their research. Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53 supports his statement and tells the Board that since then, he and John Hanejko, '65, had spent hours checking the internet, and specifically back issues of the Catholic Standard and Times and could find no instance of support for these allegations against McCaffrey. Ed Markowski, '56, stated; "he had called John Stanton, '45, who advised him that the Justice didn't answer a questionnaire from the Pro-Life Political Action Committee of Southeastern Pennsylvania and that he shared some of his views with Planned Parenthood, thus he is an abortionist". President Ed White, '55, stated that he had spoken with a priest friend of his who has known the Justice for a number of years and that in his opinion he is not pro-choice. He also informed the Board that McCaffrey has been inducted into the Cardinal Dougherty High School Hall of Fame and has been recognized on a number of occasions by the Archdiocese.

   Subsequent to the March 12 meeting of the Board, Father Nicholas Waseline, OSFS, North's Principal contacts Ed White and asks to meet with the Executive Board. White schedules the meeting for March 17. In attendance were Father Waseline and school president Stan Witalec, '66 along with President Ed White, '55, 1st VP John Musial, '63, 4th VP Brian Darreff, '74, Secretary John Handley, '58, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, 1st Assistant Treasurer John Hanejko, '65.

   White began the meeting by informing them that he had received a letter from Bishop McFadden stating the Archdiocese's objection to Justice McCaffrey speaking and why various members of the school administration would be prohibited from attending the Breakfast. Father Waseline and Mr. Witalec explained that they had received numerous phone calls complaining about the award to McCaffrey. In response to a question from Knobbs, he said most were from spouses of alumni who stated their husbands were too upset to call.

   Hanejko indicated that despite many hours of combing the internet, they had found only one reference to the issue - a page from the Bucks County Action Fund concerning the Planned Parenthood endorsement. Handley noted that McCaffrey was not inducted into the Dougherty Hall of Fame until after he had been through a primary and general election campaign at which time these issues were supposedly proffered.

   Mr. Witalec questioned what we will do if there are pickets at the Cathedral or the hotel. Knobbs responded that the hotel had advised him that the Sheraton had contacted the Philadelphia Police Department and that they will have members of their Civil Affairs Unit on hand to insure order and that he had advised Monsignor McCulken, rector of the Cathedral, that it might be wise to do likewise. Musial raised the issue as to whether the Oblates would be present. Father Waseline stated that Father James Greenfield, Oblate Provincial, had advised him, by phone, that he would not be attending. Father William McCandless, OSFS, '89, Salesianum Principal, who is scheduled to be the Principal Celebrant and Homilist is out town and we were unable to contact him.

   Darreff stated: "I have not seen any evidence as to the Justice's stance on life. A member of the Judiciary is not supposed to enable you to understand their position on issues. As an individual, I'm not comfortable saying that the Justice is pro-life or pro-abortion". President White then informed Father Waseline and Mr. Witalec that the Association would not retract our award to Justice McCaffrey.

   463 attend the Mass and Communion Breakfast on March 29. Mass at the Cathedral is concelebrated by Oblate Fathers William McCandless, '89, Neil Kilty, '59, John Spellman, '56, George Brownholtz, '58, and John McGinley, '58, and Father Michael Ryan. Breakfast follows at the Sheraton City Center where Inquirer sports columnist Keith Pompey, '89 is the Toastmaster. Justice McCaffrey receives the Outstanding Achievement Award, and former president Pat Boyle, '49 is named an Outstanding Alumnus.

   At the May meeting of the Board of Governors, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, informs the Board of the Save NEC Fund decision to pay $400,000 to the Archdiocese on behalf of the school. He explains that $75,000 has been and the balance will be forwarded by June 15. He further advises them that makes a total of $775,000 the Fund has given to the Archdiocese in the last 15 months to attempt to underwrite the debt of the school. With President White ineligible for another term, John R. Hanejko, '65, is nominated for President. He, and the other incumbent officers are unopposed. Accordingly, Election Committee Chairman Pat Boyle, '49, informs the Board, by letter, of the members of the Executive Board for the coming year: President - John R. Hanejko, '65; First Vice President - John T. Musial, '63; Second Vice President - Henry J. Stahl, '66; Third Vice President - John J. Barnes, '89; Fourth Vice President - Thomas O. Ballard, '86; Secretary - John F. Handley, '58; Treasurer - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary - Robert J. Woltjen, '83; First Assistant Treasurer - Jeffrey W. Brown, '79; Second Assistant Treasurer - Joseph T. Mulawka, '51; and Historian - Patrick J. Boyle, '49. By virtue of their election, Hanejko becomes Chairman of the Board of the Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund and President of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, and Musial and Knobbs become Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of Save Northeast Catholic Fund respectively.

   Memorial Day Services on May 25 are attended by 85. Mass is concelebrated in the auditorium by our Chaplain, Father Neil Kilty, OSF, '59, and Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, '74.

   Stan Witalec, '66, resigns as president of NECHS, and is replaced by former president, Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, '74.

   Dues paying membership drops to 4705 - down over 400.

   Chairman Ed McKenna, '63 reports that 718 attend Falcons Fun in the Sun in Wildwood.

   121 golfers teed off in the annual Classic held at Torresdale-Frankford Country Club.

   President John Hanejko, '65, at the September meeting, appoints Len Knobbs, '53, as Executive Secretary a position he has held since 1983; and himself and Ed White, '55, as Assistants. The Board concurs unanimously. As a result of some controversy over the Class Reps election last Spring and problems with attendance at Board meetings, Hanejko appoints a By-Law revision committee headed by Len Knobbs, '53.

At the September 15 meeting of the Board of Directors of Save NEC Fund, Secretary-Treasurer Knobbs reports that we are in receipt of a Performance Agreement from the Archdiocese calling for a payment of $550,000 which was allegedly signed by Father Vincent Smith, OSFS on April 28 as President of NECHS. At that time Stan Witalec, '66, was the school president. He also presents a number of emails that have been flying back and forth between John Marquess, '67, Friends of NECHS President, and Dave Magee of the Archdiocese. In one Marquess tell Magee That the Alumni has agreed to underwrite the deficit. President John Hanejko, '65, tells the Board that he, Knobbs, and immediate past president Ed White, '55, had met with Marquess and told him they would endorse a recommendation to pay the deficit to the extent of the funds available. At no time did we agree to pay any specific amount or to pay whatever was requested by the Archdiocese. Hanejko further stated that any payments would be limited by the funds we have available. Knobbs pointed out that since this is more than twice what we have on hand we should wait until we can discuss this with Dr. McCarron. The Board agreed.

   Fifty-four people sail from Philadelphia on October 3rd to Bermuda on the Association sponsored cruise aboard
the Norwegian Majesty. Everyone is having a great time until on the afternoon of Thursday, October 8, we learn that Cardinal Rigali has announced that Northeast Catholic High School will close in June. A pall is cast over the Alumni on board for the remainder of the cruise. Interestingly enough, the following afternoon, Len Knobbs and Mike Hagan, son of Bob, '49, are on the aft deck conversing about North and what it means to so many people when Mike glances at one the stacks and points out to Len that a falcon has just perched. We are far from land and both take it a good omen of things to come. Regretfully, their prognosticating was not too good. On the plus side, the Association makes over $2500 as a result of the cruise.

   The two vacancies on the Save Northeast Catholic Fund Board Created when John Hanejko was elected President and Brian Darreff, '74, lost his seat on the Association Board of Governors are filled by election held at the October meeting. There are three candidates - Ed White, '55, John Handley, '58, and Tom Ballard, '86. White and Ballard prevail.

   The main thrust of the meeting, with input from practically every member fo the Board of Governors, was what can be done to keep the school open. President Hanejko and Len Knobbs advised the Board of what had transpired with the Archdiocese and paying the school deficit over the past few months. In September, the Archdiocese requested a payment of $550,000 toward the deficit. This was double the amount Save NEC Fund had on hand. They indicated they, along with past president Ed White, '55, had met with John Marquess, '67, Jim Meehan, '67, and Ted Hooven, '74, of Friends of Northeast Catholic, and Father Smith and Tom Kaiser, '70, representing the school, to formulate a joint fund raising appeal letter to all alumni. During the process, Father Smith asked that they hold off until after October 11. The reason being was an expected pronouncement coming from the Office of Catholic Education on the future of the school. Mike McBride, '81, who also serves of the school's Advisory Board, brought those present up-to-date on some proposed plans concerning keeping the school open under a different concept. The Board unanimously agreed to support all efforts in this direction.

On October 20, the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund meets. The main topic of discussion is the proposed closure of the school. Chairman John Hanejko, '65, advises the Trustees that he had attended a meeting at the home of Paul Hondros, '66, this past Saturday. The thrust of the meeting was the possibility of keeping NECHS open as a Cristo Rey school. He also informed the Board that we had to take steps to insure that the young men attending North on grants from the Fund were protected if school closed and they were forced to attend other Archdiocesan schools. Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, presented a proposed change to Article II of the Constitution which would cover those students who opt to attend Archdiocesan high schools. The motion was seconded by Steve Cardullo, '72, and after a lengthy discussion was approved unanimously.

   Contributions to FALCONWAY XXI amounted to slightly over $303,000. Down over $10,000 from last year. Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, reports donations to the Scholarship Fund were behind by more than $28,000 while Save NEC Fund received $10,000 more and the Oblates almost $7,000 more.

   At the November meeting of the Board of Governors, Real Estate Committee Chairman Ray Rysak, '66, reports that the committee has reviewed a number of properties of both a rental and purchase nature. They tweaked their search to lower the price range. A minimum of 2,000 sq. feet would be needed. Father Vincent Smith, OSFS, has indicated that the Association should be custodian of all school memorabilia, trophies, etc. Addition of this would increase the amount of space required. Space would be needed outside to house our Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima which is currently on the school campus. Rysak points out that this is all predicated upon the school closing in June.

   Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, informs the Board that NECHS and Frankford would play what would most likely be their last Turkey Bowl game on Thanksgiving at McCarthy Stadium at LaSalle University. In accordance with request from a number of interested alumni, he had made arrangements to hold a brunch in the Student Union Ballroom from 8:45 AM till noon. Participants would be able to view the game from the deck of the ballroom. Price of the brunch would be $25 plus $10 for the game ticket. He reported that President Hanjeko had made an executive decision approving this which would have to be approved by the Board if we were to proceed. He pointed out that a number of tickets had already been sold and made a motion seconded by Ed White, '55, to approve Hanejko's decision. The motion was passed with one member in opposition.

   Knobbs then brought to the floor a proposed change to Article II of the Scholarship Fund's Constitution which had been unanimously approved by the Fund's Board of Trustees on October 20. It would have to be ratified by two-thirds of the members present this evening and then sent to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for final approval. All members of the Board had received a copy by mail and had time to review the proposed changes which included opening the grants to all Archdiocesan high schools. He explained that the rationale was that if the Christo Rey project failed and school closed in June, the young men who had received grants to attend NECHS would be covered if they went on to attend other Archdiocesan high schools. The motion to ratify the change was seconded by Bill McCormac, '61. After a lengthy discussion, the Board approved the change with two members not voting.

   President Hanejko then brought the Board up-to-date on the Christo Rey project. Two representatives of Christo Rey toured the school yesterday and met at length with Paul Hondros, '66, John Fries, '61, and John Marquess, '67. There is an indication that the Archdiocese may make a decision shortly to allow Cristo Rey to do a feasibilty study concerning the use of the facility. Considerable discussion was generated among the Board. It was the overwhelming opinion that we should do all we could to support the project.

   In December at our annual Board dinner meeting, Chairman Frank Dufner, '41, reports that only 82 attend the Old Timers' Reunion and we suffered a slight financial loss. On the upside, Turkey Bowl Beef and Beer Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, reports there were 174 in attendance. Knobbs reports that 97 attended the Thanksgiving Day game brunch and that in case anyone hadn't heard North went out in a blaze of glory defeating Frankford 28 - 22.

   Finance Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, moves that we donate $500 for an ad in a special history book of the school currently being published. It was seconded by John Musial, '63. Our Chaplain Father Kilty, and Len Knobbs are on the committee that is writing the 84-year history of NECHS. In response to a question from the floor, Cardullo explined that any profit generated would be used to help underclassmen at North in the continuation of their education at other Archdiocesan schools. Mike McBride, '81, didn't think it appropriate that our money should be used to send students to another school when we were still trying to keep North open. Cardullo pointed out that the deadline for submitting ads was January 24. President Hanejko informed the Board that the application process for Cristo Rey wouldn't be completed until February 15 and that current students at NECHS need to make a decision to register at their new school by January 31. Len Knobbs, '53, noted that the book will be published with or without our support and it would be a disgrace for the Association not to appear in the book as a benefactor. Further, if the Cristo Rey project was successful most of the students would remain at North and the funds could be used to help them at our Alma Mater.

   President Hanejko advised the Board what had transpired re: Cristo Rey since the last meeting. He stated that he, Len Knobbs, '53, Paul Hondros, '66, and John Marquess, '67, along with John McConnell, a St. Joseph's Prep and St. Joseph's college grad who has been named the CEO of the group, had flown to Chicago on December 7 to meet with representatives of the Cristo Rey Network. The spent the entire day in meetings with their administrators. The deadline that the North Catholic group has to meet is February 15, 2010. The feasability study for keeping the school open as a Cristo Rey school must be competed by then. This is a 70-day time frame. Most of the others schools in the network spent 18 to 30 months in developing their studies. A meeting will be held in the Alumni office on December 16 for those willing to work for the success of this project.

Len Knobbs, '53 receives a call from Bishop Joseph McFadden, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese, who is responsible for the Archdiocesan school system, asking him to meet with him at his office. Knobbs and President Hanejko, '65, attend a meeting a week later with Bishop McFadden, Dr. Richard McCarron, Secretary for Catholic Education, and Tom Smith, '66, McCarron's deputy. While the topics discussed are wide ranging, including the possibility of NECHS remaining open as a Cristo Rey school, the main topic is what is the Association going to do with the Scholarship Fund. Knobbs informs the Bishop that the Fund is a separate charitable corporation operated by an independent Board of Trustees. He also tells the Archdiocesan representatives that if the school closes, the Fund will honor its commitment to the current students at North if they attend other Archdiocesan high schools and will return to awarding grants to children of active alumni to attend specific colleges. Further, preliminary discussions among the Trustees have indicated they may expand the grants to include grandchildren and to award grants to attend high schools, and grade schools, in the Philadelphia, Camden, and Trenton dioceses. Bishop McFadden indicates that his alma mater, St. Thomas More, initially awarded grants to children of alumni but then expanded it to anyone attending an Archdiocese of Philadelphia high school. Hanejko and Knobbs responded that everything was in the discussion stage at this point since they were hopeful that Cristo Rey would become a reality.

The next evening, the Board of Trustees meets and Hanejko and Knobbs inform them of their meeting with Bishop McFadden. The Trustees spend a great deal of time discussing and exploring the various ideas as to what the Fund will do if Cristo Rey becomes a reality and if not, what the Fund will do re: future grants and to whom.

Father John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipients

This award, created by the Board of Governors and first presented in 1960, was renamed to honor Father Tye in 1976.

Father Tye
Alumni Moderator
June, 1960 - April, 1973

     Captain (Chaplain) John B. Tye, USA, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in connection with combat operations against the enemy with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (Luzon, Phillipines) during World War II.
General Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division, General Order No. 50 (1945).

     The men below have received this award in recognition of their exemplary dedication and service to the ideals and purpose of the Alumni Association.

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan, OSFS, '32

Bernard F. Bygott, '34

"Mickey" Shaughnessy, Hon., '49

Joseph E. McKeown, '33

Paul D. Quinn, '36

Most Rev. William J. Ward, OSFS, '32

Rev. Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS,
Hon., '55

Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

Edward J. Guinan, '37

Charles J. Quinn, '36

Rev. Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34

Edward J. Ganister, '32

Bil Keane, '40

Paul J. Kelly, '34

Most Rev. Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS, '30

William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34

William M. Nesbitt, '59

Thomas P. Casey, '31

Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

Thomas W. Kelly, '50

Rev. Thomas P. Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66

John T. Musial, '63

Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

Francis J. Gleason, '53

John R. Hanejko, '65

Rev. Robert P. Hanlon, OSFS, '43

Francis J. Dunleavy, '32

Rev. Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74

Lawrence A. Dolan, '37

James P. Scanlon, '30

Francis J. Devinney, '42

Nicholas A. Giordano, '61

Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53

Patrick J. Boyle, '49

Rev. Neil F. Kilty, OSFS, '59

James W. Bollendorf, '73

Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

Kevin McCloskey, '05

Joseph J. Mackin, '40


Association Presidents


Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

June 10, 1929 -
January 14, 1931


Frank T. McKee, '29

January 14, 1931 -
January 20, 1935


John W. Brecht, '30

January 20, 1935 -
December 27, 1936


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

December 27, 1936 -
December 26, 1937


William P. Robinson, MD, '29

December 26, 1937 -
January 25, 1942


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

January 25, 1942 -
July 6, 1942


Paul J. Kelly, '34

July 6, 1942 -
January 26, 1947


George W. Sommer, '36

January 26, 1947 -
December 16, 1947


Bernard F. Bygott, '34

December 16, 1947 -
November 27, 1949


Charles J. Quinn, '36

November 27, 1949 -
June 10, 1954


Hon. Joseph T. Murphy, '29

June 10, 1954 -
June 13, 1957


James E. Fitzgerald, '42

June 13, 1957 -
June 9, 1960


Charles E. Malone, '30

June 9, 1960 -
June 8, 1961


James J. Cox, Jr., '36

June 8, 1961 -
June 13, 1963


Patrick J. Boyle, '49

June 13, 1963 -
June 9, 1966


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 9, 1966 -
June 12, 1969


Rocco G. Iacone, '55

June 12, 1969 -
June 11, 1970


J. William Arnoldy, '38

June 11, 1970 -
June 14, 1973


Francis J. Gleason, '53

June 14, 1973 -
June 10, 1976


Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57

June 10, 1976 -
June 9, 1977


Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

June 9, 1977 -
June 12, 1980


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 12, 1980 -
June 9, 1983


John T. Musial, '63

June 9, 1983 -
June 30, 1986


John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 1986 -
June 30, 1989


Thomas P. Morgan, '64

July 1, 1989 -
June 30, 1992


Francis J. Gleason, '53

July 1, 1992 -
June 30, 1995


James W. Bollendorf, '73

July 1, 1995 -
June 30, 1997


Stephen A. Cardullo, '72

July 1, 1997 -
June 30, 2000


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2000 -
June 30, 2003


Anthony J. Colletta, '72

July 1, 2003 -
June 30, 2006


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2006 -
June 30, 2009

John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 2009 -
June 30, 2012

John T. Musial, '63

July 1, 2013 -
June 30, 2014




Jeffrey W. Brown, '79

July 1, 2014 -


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Class Representatives

     In our eighty-six years, almost one thousand men have served on our Board of Governors.  Some have served as little as one month while others have performed dedicated service for many years.  We would like to recognize the thirty one Class Representatives who served for twenty five years or longer.

     Patrick J. Boyle, '49 - November, 1954 - Present
     Leonard F. Knobbs, '53 - November, 1956 - Present
    Francis J. Devinney, '42 - November, 1950 to November, 1951; January, 1954 to September, 2011.
     Richard C. McGrath, '39 - July, 1943 to November, 1951; November, 1952 to November, 1957;      November, 1958 to November, 1977; March, 1978 to February, 1998.  Deceased March 24, 2003.
     Paul D. Quinn, '36 - November, 1948 to September, 2000.  Deceased October 20, 2002.
     John F. Handley, '58 - March, 1967 - Present
     John T. Musial, '63 - January, 1966 to September, 1990; September, 1992 to Present

     John S. Boyle, '39 - November, 1961 - September, 2008.  Deceased January 30, 2012.
Raymond E. Rysak, '66 - March, 1969 - Present
     William J. McCormac, '61 - March, 1969 to March, 2011, September, 2011 - Present
Joseph E. McKeown, '33 - November, 1950 to January, 1951; November, 1953 to September, 1996.  Deceased September 29, 1996
     Stephen A. Cardullo, '72 - September, 1972 - Present
Lawrence A. Dolan, '37 - November, 1948 to September, 1957; November, 1957 to May, 1958; March, 1973 to October, 2005.  Deceased October 30, 2005.
     Robert J. Fuessinger, '48 - November, 1952 to September, 1993.  Deceased August 15, 2006.
     Francis J. Gleason, '53 - November, 1960 to September, 2000.  Deceased September 10, 2000.
    Joseph J. Mackin, '40 - November, 1947 to October, 1959; November, 1962 to March, 1972; March, 1977 to June, 1995.  Deceased June 23, 1995.
    John R. Hanejko, '65 - November, 1978 - Present
    J. William Arnoldy, '38 - January, 1964 to August, 1998.  Deceased August 15, 1998.
   Bernard J. McGuire, '50 - November, 1952 to November, 1958; January, 1959 to September, 1972; October, 1972 to November, 1975; March, 1976 to June, 1985; September, 1985 to February, 1986.  Deceased August 5, 1987.    
Joseph P. Brennan, Jr., '69 - March, 1977 to October, 2006; September, 2008 - May, 2011.
Edward J. Ganister, '32 - March, 1967 to January, 1999.  Deceased January 3, 1999.    

Anthony J. Colletta, '72 - March, 1973 to February, 1985; April, 1989 to November, 2008.  Deceased November 19, 2011.   
    Michael A. Donofrio, '47 - November, 1955 to October, 1965; January, 1966 to February, 1967; March, 1967 to September, 1967; September, 1989 to July, 2009.  Deceased July 5, 2009.
    Thomas M. Cleary, '47 - January, 1965 to February, 1996.  Deceased January 18, 2001.
Robert E. Kennedy, '54 - September, 1984 to February, 1994; May, 1994 - April, 2015.
    Edmund A. Markowski, Jr., '56 - September, 1977 to September, 1992; September, 1994 to September, 2009.
    William M. FitzPatrick, '59 - September, 1986 - Deceased August 15, 2015.
    Louis J. Peters, '31 - December, 1964 to September, 1992.  Deceased December 31, 1993.
    Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88 - November, 1988  - Present.
    Joseph T. Mulawka, '51 - December, 1987 to April, 2014
.  Deceased April 10, 2014.
William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34 - January, 1965 to November, 1990.  Deceased November 26, 1990.

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Rev. George A. Mahoney, OSFS, Hon. '34

June 10, 1929 -
September 1, 1932

Rev. William A. Stahl, OSFS,
Hon. '34

September 1, 1932 -
June 30, 1934

Rev. Harry J. Quinn, OSFS,
Hon., '35

June 30, 1934 -
June 30, 1940

Rev. Francis X. O'Donnell,
OSFS, '29

June 30, 1940 -
June 30, 1947

Rev. George A. Godley,
 OSFS, '31

June 30, 1947 -
June 30, 1948

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan,
OSFS, '32

June 30, 1948 -
June 30, 1960

Rev. John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

June 30, 1960 -
April 1, 1973

Rev. John J. Green, OSFS, '35

April 1, 1973 -
January 30, 1974

Rev. Francis X. Quaile, OSFS, '35

January 30, 1974 -
June 30, 1974

Rev. James J. Behan, OSFS, '62

June 30, 1974 -
September 1, 1976

Rev. Edward J. Simons,
OSFS, '34

September 1, 1976 -
December 31, 1999

Rev. Neil F. Kilty. OSFS, '59

December 31, 1999 -

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V. + J.


Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it, these suffered all, sacrificed all, dared and died.

(Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery)

     These men, our brothers, gave their lives in defense of their country in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan.  Please remember them in your prayers.



Lawrence C. Hoelzle
Joseph T. Walsh


Nicholas P. Kavanagh
Joseph P. Mahoney
Joseph L. Rabenstein


William J. Connell
Leo P. Hassett
Charles P. Loeper
Joseph F. Stutz


Edward J. Coleman
Samuel J. Dunbar
Joseph S. Fiala
Joseph A. Gogoj
James F. Harkins
Edward F. Heard
Robert E. McCarthy
Aloysius A. Monaghan


Joseph F. Carr
Andrew J. Frosch
Edward J. Galloway
William J. MacElderry
John J. McCann
Joseph V. Murray
Thomas H. Murray
Walter J. Robinson
George L. Smith


Thomas A. Byrne
Edward B. Drueding
John A. Farrell
Albert P. Foley
John J. Gray
Anthony F. Matthews
Leonard J. McGee
Nelson A. Reed
Hugh T. Shellem


John A. Anderson
Richard J. Burns
Thomas J. Cassidy
John J. Dooner
Joseph T. Dwyer
John W. Farrell
Harold Garman
Thomas J. Hobson
Edward E. Houseman
John R. Kelley
Robert J. Kelley
John F. Lawlor
Michael J. Marley
John B. McCann
Vincent J. McElroy
George A. McGee
William J. Newis
James O'Rourke
Herman P. Winterer


William J. Casey
Thomas F. Kelly
James Litz
James McConnell
Joseph A. Minnichbach
Lawrence W. Minnick
Andrew C. O'Keefe
Joseph K. Seiler
Edward C. Sekula
Joseph W. Shedaker
Raymond J. Slazas
Vincent K. Snyder
Albert J. Spanier


Albert Appel
Edward J. Coleman
James V. Derbyshire
John D. Duffy
Thomas F. Fenerty
Edmund J. Gaffney
Joseph M. Garlick
Gerald F. Gowen
John Mallen
James J. McGinnis
Philip J. Razler
James E. Saul
John C. Schmieder
Francis J. Strenger
Martin E. Wagner
Alfred A. Zajac
Walter J. Zarada


William L. Cobb
Raymond W. Devlin
Alfred F. Dougherty
Stephen A.Ganiszewski
John Gibbons
Charles D. Gibson
Daniel J. Grant
Henry L. Grathwohl
Thomas E. Jardel
Edward F. Kent
George Kuhn
Warren Lane
Charles T. Lewis
William F. Lynch
Leo E. Markey
John J. McNulty
John J. McVeigh
Edward J. Phillips
William T. Urban
John J. White



William H. Becker
John J. Delaney
John B. Gilkey
Raymond E. Gruber
Lawrence Lanahan
Philip T. Lehman
Edward Litwin
Eugene P. Magee
Robert McAuliffe
Francis X. McKenna
Charles J. McLinden
Charles J. McVey
Horace J. Murphy
Robert J. Reilly
Francis G. Rudolph
George J. Whalen
James A. White


Paul A. Becker
John F. Clinch
James J. Coffey
Joseph J. Daley
John J. Davis
Edward J. Dooner
Joseph A. Finley
Francis J. Fitzpatrick
Paul R. Foley
Francis J. Gillespie
Eugene T. Gladkowski
James J. Hanlon
Charles W. Lockwood
William F. Matthews
John M. McCann
Frank J. McDonnell
Hugh J. McFadden
Henry T. McMahon
John F. McNally
Charles A. Nessel
Louis B. Rieffel
Anthony J. Rosowski
William H. Schenkel
Anthony T. Serravalli
John D. Sykes
James J. Turner
Maurice L. VanZandt


Harry J. Bell
Raymond J. Broderick
Henry E. Dempski
Norman DeProbert
John A. Donahue
Ralph J. Dooley
Stephen F. Halner
William G. Hare
Charles X. Kuntz
Robert J. Lautenbach
Raymond A. Makin
John G. McBride
Henry P. McCann
Joseph H. McCann
James J. McVey
James P. Mellon
Carmen V. Olivet
Gerald J. O'Neill
Leo J. Reilly
Arthur J. Roit
Joseph F. Rossetti
John J. Rowan
John M. Rutter
James M. Ryan
Ernest E. Schmidt
John J. Stevenson
Raymond J. Trost
Donald M. Woods


Richard E. Bagnor
Anthony T. Cassese
Thomas J. Eck
Charles H. Fox
Francis A. Glanzmann
James F. Gormley
John J. Hannigan
Joseph F. Hendron
Leonard P. Kolodziejski
Joseph McDevitt
Thomas W. Phillips
John T. Stevenson


James B. Boyle
William J. Conley
Charles W. Coyle
William J. DeLaurentis
Patrick J. Dever
Aloysius F. Dougherty
William E. Hagerty


Robert Melhuish
Emmett J. Ryan
George A. Steigerwald


Francis J. Davenport




William J. Brennan


Charles M. Klein


William T. Gould
Harry B. Loy



Robert B. Appel


Frank A. Johnson
Thomas J. Schimpf


Maurice T. Cleary
Charles D. Hogue


Robert J. Evans


John F. McGovern


Daniel C. Bianco
Joseph M. Lynch
Joseph J. Sweeney


Bernard F. Sevier


William J. Brennan
Joseph S. Oaks
Christian J. Spoerl
John W. Toland
E. George West


Stanley A. Gogoj
John L. Sullivan
Stephen C. Walter


James R. Grove
Joseph J. Leszczynski
Charles T. Tait
Charles P. Schwind


John F. Dunne



James F. McCafferty


William P. Coll
Joseph M. Gorman


Joseph J. Crawford


Ronald D. Briggs
William D. McCuen
George D. Speece
Robert V. Stever


William A. Kuprevich
Leonard S. Pelullo


Richard J. Conlin
Michael P. Rymarczuk


Joseph J. Nitka
Louis W. Potempa
William M. Riley
Albert C. Wall, Jr.


Lawrence A. Branigan
Anthony J. Metzger
Joseph T. Monaghan
Thomas F. Nilan
George J. Reed, Jr.
Joseph F. Schimpf
Patrick J. Thiroway, Jr.


Anthony F. Citrigno
Edward J. Kapusta
Robert T. Koehler


Dennis Donovan
William T. Findlay


John R. Feeser




Michael J. Strange


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Sergeant John J. McVeigh, '39

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Outstanding Achievement Award

     This award was created in 1960 to honor a non-alumnus individual or organization who made a significant contribution in a given field.  It is presented at our annual Communion Breakfast.


Congresswoman Kathryn M. Granahan
Donald Barnhouse, WCAU-TV News
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U. S. Senator Hugh Scott
Philadelphia Police Captain Clarence Ferguson
Vince Leonard, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg
Philadelphia District Attorney Arlen Specter
Rolfe Neill, Editor, Philadelphia Daily News
Richard Sprague, Esq., Special Prosecutor
Barney Morris, WCAU-TV News
Tom Fox, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
U. S. Attorney David Marston, Esq.
U. S. Senator Joseph Biden
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Joseph O'Neill
Larry Kane, WCAU-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice James T. McDermott
U. S. Senator John Heinz
Pat Polillo, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert N. C. Nix, Jr.
Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald D. Castille
Congressman Robert Borski
Philadelphia Councilman W. Thatcher Longstreth
Thomas Brookshier, CBS Sportscaster
Brother Patrick Ellis, FSC, LaSalle University President
Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey
U. S. Armed Forces - Operation Desert Storm
Bill "Speedy" Morris, LaSalle University Basketball Coach
Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham
Walt Hunter, KYW-TV News
Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel
Philadelphia Councilwoman Joan Krajewski
David R. Boldt, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
Ray Didinger, Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Columnist
Marc Howard, Channel 6-TV News
Philadelphia Police Commissioner John F. Timoney
Michael Smerconish, Esq., Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vicar for Education Dr. Richard McCarron, Jr.
Bill Campbell, Sports Broadcaster and Columnist
Former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker
Former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale
U. S. Attorney Patrick Meehan, Esq.
Don Tollefson, Sports Broadcaster
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery
Oblates of St. Francis deSales
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey
Frank Fitzpatrick, Inquirer Sports Columnist
Dom Giordano, WPHT Radio Talk Show Host
Vai Sikahema, NBC10 Sports Director
Sam Katz, Film & TV Documentarian
Matt Rhule, Temple University Football Coach

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Hall of Fame

     Created by the School and the Association in 1989 to honor individuals that had brought fame and distinction to the school and themselves by their actions in certain disciplines.  Until school closed the inductees were honored at ceremonies held at NECHS.  Since 2010, the recipients are inducted at the Association's Communion Breakfast.  A select committee consisting of the President, Executive Secretary, and Chaplain of the Association, along with four members - two from the Board of Governors and two active members of the Association - appointed by the President review the nominations submitted by the public and make the final decision.






Service to NECHS/

1989 Bil
Keane, '40
John H.
Mallon, '29
Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32 M. Rev. Edward J.
Schlotterback, OSFS, '30
Robert A.
Crout, '58
1990 John F.
Whitaker, '41
Francis X.
Reagan, '37
Wendell W.
Young III, '56
Albert E.
Welsh, MD, '32
Joseph F.
Kilroy, '65
1991 Vincent J.
Trombetta, '58
Joseph T.
Verdeur, '44
Joseph J. Donahue, '31 Thomas J.
Cullen, '69
Leonard F.
Knobbs, '53
1992 Jay J.
Dugan, '36
Frank J.
Hoerst, '35
Peter P.
Gallagher, '37
Rev. Edward J.
Simons, OSFS, '34
Joseph C.
McCloskey, '37
1993 George W.
Sommer, '36
Frank J. "Bucko"
Kilroy, '39
John J.
McVeigh, '39
John D.
Mahan, '69
Joseph E. McKeown, '33
1994 William P.
Plumley, '54
John J.
Gillespie, '35
Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Kelly, USA, '50 J. Richard
White, '46
Paul D.
Quinn, '36
1995 Jesse D.
Cain, '44
Robert J.
McNeill, '56
John J.
Marquess, Esq. '67
John E.
Murray, SJD, '50
Francis X. Dougherty, '59
1996 Gerald B.
Buckley, '50
Bernard J.
McLaughlin, '46
Martin J.
McCormick, '52
Rev. John J.
Conmy, OSFS, '29
Robert P.
O'Neill, '65
1997 Joseph F.
Flubacher, PhD, '31
Walter M.
Masterson, '38
Armond F.
Gentile, '52
Rev. Richard T.
Reece, OSFS, '54
Hon. James R.
Cavanaugh, '49
1998 Rev. Gerard J.
OSFS, '47
John J.
Quinn, '52
Maj. Gen. Joseph V. McLernan, USMC, '45 Rev. David I.
Hagan, OSFS, '56
Francis J.
Gleason, '53
1999 Frank J.
Dougherty, '59
James R.
Walsh, '53
Michael J. McKenna, '52 Bernard C.
Sekula, PhD, '69
Francis J.
Byrne, '65
2000 Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 Barry D.
Brodzinski, '73
Martin J. Maddaloni, '57 M. Rev. Martin N.
Lohmuller, DD, JCD, '37
John T. "Herb"
Smith, '46
2001 James V.
Amadie, '54
Edward P.
Geisz, '42
Erwin T.
Straw , '46
Oliver G.
Ludwig, '53
Lawrence P.
Conti, '63
2002 John R.
Doman, '62
Henry R. "Hank"
Siemiontkowski, '68
Capt. Thomas W. Kelley, OSFS, USN, '41 Edmund F.
Gordon, '64
Joseph L.
Zazyczny, '53
2003 Kenneth W.
Milano, '77
Joseph F.
Kadlec, '62
James A.
Williams, '68
Michael E.
Pietrzak, '67
John T.
Musial, '63
2004 Gerard J.
Jonas, '49
Michael F.
Fallon, '48
Louis J.
Sigmund, '50
Charles J.
Wolf, MD, '61
John J.
Taylor, '73
2005 Thomas J.
Smith, '66
Dennis R.
Seddon, '67
Carl F.
Gregory, '51
Rev. Neil F.
Kilty, OSFS, '59
Joseph P.
Hand, '54
2006 John S.
Grady, '55
Donald J.
D'Ambra, '90
James J.
Avery, '69
Michael S.
Shetzline, MD, PhD, '77
Edward J.
Lowry, '62
2007 James E.
Arnosky, '64
James A.
Gallagher, '47
James E.
Dugan, '63
Rev. John J.
OSFS, '37
Vincent E.
Furlong, '50
2008 James E.
Dougherty, '41, PhD
Gerard J.
Brindisi, '74
John T.
Fries, '61
James A.
Padova, MD, '56
Edward J.
White, '55
2009 Thomas P.
Forkin, Sr., '52
James C.
Hueber, '66
Steven J. McCaffrey, '81 Edward F.
McClay, MD, '67
Paul J.
Hondros, '66
2010 Ernest F.
Koschineg, '61
Robert J. Wheeler, '67 Joseph F. Petaccio, Jr., '59 Rev. George S.
OSFS, '66
James P.
Meehan, '67
2011   Michael P. McDevitt, '82 Hon. John R.
Padova, '52
Rev. Francis W. Collins, MM, '38 John R.
Hanejko, '65
2012 Edward A.
Turzanski, '77
      Francis J.
Fedele, '64
2013 Stanley R.
Witalec, '66
Laurence L.
Sullivan, '66
Timothy G.
O'Shaughnessy, '81
V. Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, MM, '67 Stephen A.
Cardullo, '72
2014 Reynold J.
Levocz, '59
Thomas J.
Gilmore, '82
Vincent A.
Panvini, '65
Samuel P.
DeBow, '71
William F.
Coyle, Esq., '56
2015 Thomas A.
Razzano, '65
James P.
Savage, Jr., '92
Cosmo T.
DeNicola, '72
Rev. Joseph T.
Muller, MSC, '49
Hon Gerard A.
Kosinski, '72
2016 Thomas H. Windfelder, '68 James V.
Gavaghan, '54
Joseph J.
Ashton, '66
Lester A.
DO, '66
John L.
McCloskey, '38

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