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The Third Decade

Eighty Plus Years in the Making!

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Hall of Fame

The Seventh Decade (1990 - 1999) of Our Association

This is an excerpt from our 75th Anniversary history published in 2004.

   In January, we top last year's dues paying membership, reaching a new high of 4757.

First Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

   On February 23, 1989, we honor the first inductees into the NECHS Hall of Fame. Representing the area of Business/Labor is Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32, former president and vice chairman of ITT Corporation. The Athletics inductee is John H. "Swede" Mallon, '29, the first three letter athlete at North. Arts/Entertainment recipient is Bil Keane, '40, nationally syndicated cartoonist of "Family Circus". Inducted in the Service category is Robert A. Crout,'58, the Assistant Athletic Director at NECHS. The Religion/Science inductee is the Most Rev. Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS,'30, Bishop of Keetmanshoop, Namibia.

   Two busloads of Association supporters venture to Atlantic City on March 4, we net $450 for the Association according to Chairman John Musial, '63.

   Mass is concelebrated at St. Martin of Tours and Breakfast follows at Dugan's. Despite the increase in price, we attract 772. Our Outstanding Achievement Award recipient Tom Brookshier delivers an inspiring address. John McAdams, '58 is our Toastmaster. Honorary membership is conferred upon Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop of Philadelphia, and Father James E. Dalton, North's principal. Our Outstanding Alumnus Award is presented to Thomas E. Casey, '31, and Father James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34.

   Memorial Day Services attract less than 70 people according to Chairman Bill Nesbitt.

   We reach a new high for dues paying member - 4779. Thomas P. Morgan, '64 is elected President. All our officers are unopposed for election. They are: Stephen A. Cardullo, '72, First Vice President; Francis J. Gleason, '53, Second Vice President; William M. Nesbitt, '59, Third Vice President; Edward J. Ganister, '32, Fourth Vice President; Paul D. Quinn, '36, Secretary; Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Treasurer; John T. Musial, '63, Assistant Secretary; John R. Hanejko, '65, First Assistant Treasurer; James N. Whalen, '67, Second Assistant Treasurer; and Richard C. McGrath, '39, Historian.

   Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53 reports that the Finance Committee is recommending an increase in the donation to the Oblates Mission Fund to $500. Also, that the annual commitment to the Scholarship Fund be increased from $5500 to $7500; and a commitment to the Save Northeast Catholic campaign of $10,000 per year for this year and the next four years. This fund would replace the NECHS Development fund in our FALCONWAY campaign. The funds would be accumulated and donated to Save NEC at the Communion Breakfast. A maximum of 80% would be used to assist the school. The remaining 20% would be accumulated in an endowment fund. Knobbs moved and it was seconded by Tony Colletta, '72 to adopt the proposed budget. After a lengthy discussion, it was adopted unanimously.

Scholarship Fund Grants Increased

   The Trustees of the Scholarship Fund reelect Len Knobbs,'53 as Treasurer of the Fund and announce that they will increase aid to incoming Freshmen at NECHS. Commencing with next year's grants they will award $50,000 annually - eight grants of $4,000 each and nine grants of $2,000 each. Along with the $26,000 awarded to graduating seniors and sons/daughters of dues paying alumni, this will result in annual grants of $76,000.

   The first FALCONWAY Appeal comes to a close. Over $45,000 has been raised. Chairman Len Knobbs, '53 reports that the Scholarship Fund received $23,545.92, the Oblates were the recipients of $10,746.31, and the NECHS Development Fund received $11,334.29. Knobbs is asked to serve on a committee established by the Oblates to evaluate their various apostolates and where their dwindling manpower would best be utilized. He reports that the consensus of the committee was that there would be a tremendous void if the Oblates left North. Knobbs tells the Board that he explained to the committee that, in the opinion of the Board, the Oblates and North are viewed as one. President Morgan appoints Knobbs as Editor of the FALCONER with Bill Nesbitt, '59, and former editor Jim Bollendorf, '73, as Associate Editors.

   By October 31, dues paying membership reaches an all-time high of 4898. Enrollment at NECHS continues to drop. A meeting is held with Archdiocesan officials to discuss the rumor of a possible merger of NECHS with Little Flower. Dr. Robert Palestini, Superintendent of Schools advises the committee that there are no current plans to merge the two schools or any schools. However, he states there is a committee that reviews potential mergers and consolidations on an annual basis.

   After sixty years, we finally have more than 5000 dues paying members - 5026 to be exact.

   Larry Gimbel, '63, Christmas Party Chairman, reports that only 100 children attended the party. However, Santa Claus and "Buffo" the Clown enthralled the youngsters and they dine on the usual fare of hot dogs mit kraut, fruit punch, pretzels, chips, and ice cream.

   On February 15, the school inducts five men into the Hall of Fame. John F. Whitaker, '41, nationally known sportscaster, is recognized in the field of Arts/Entertainment. Francis X. Reagan, '37, All-American football player at Penn, who later played for the Giants and Eagles is the Athletics recipient. In the Business/Labor category, Wendell W. Young III, '56, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1776, UFCW is honored. The honoree in the field of Science/Religion is Albert Welsh, MD, '32. Joseph F. Kilroy, '65, is the inductee for Service. He has been instrumental in establishing the Northeast Catholic Athletic Association which supports the teams at school.

First Edition

   At the March meeting of the Board, each Rep is presented with a printed copy of the Class Representative's Handbook which has been five years in the making. The book was printed courtesy of President Morgan and his printing company.

   On April 1, 843 people attend the Memorial Mass at St. Martin of Tours and the Breakfast immediately following at Dugan's on the Boulevard. Brother Patrick Ellis, FSC, President of LaSalle University is our honored guest. He delivers the main address and accepts our annual Outstanding Achievement Award. Bill Matthews (nee Plumley), '54, does his usual excellent job as Toastmaster. President Morgan presents Father Dalton with a check for $25,559.53 which represents 80% of the funds contributed at this point through FALCONWAY to the Save NECHS campaign.

   Fr. Ed Simons, OSFS, '34, Association Chaplain, and seven other Oblates concelebrate Mass on Memorial Day. The crowd is still dwindling and now numbers less than 70 according to Chairman Bill Nesbitt, '59.

   In what is becoming more common, a number of officers are unopposed for reelection: They are Tom Morgan,'64 - President; Steve Cardullo, '72 - First V. P.; Bill Nesbitt, '59 - Third V. P.; Paul Quinn, '36 - Secretary; Len Knobbs, '53 - Treasurer; John Handley, '58 - Assistant Secretary; and Dick McGrath, '39 - Historian. Frank Gleason,'53, defeats Earle Richards,'41, for the post of Second V. P.; and Ed Ganister, '32, defeats Bill McCormac, '61, for the position of Fourth V. P. John Hanejko, '65, retains his post as First Assistant Treasurer by defeating Larry Dolan, '37; and Jim Whalen, '67, holds onto the Second Assistant Treasurer position by defeating John Dooley, '84.

   The Finance committee recommends a new activity in the proposed budget for the coming year. A Golf Tourney. A lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of running such a venture ensues. Chairman Cardullo moves for acceptance of the budget which includes the tourney. Jim Severns, '78, seconds the motion and it is adopted.

   The year ends on two extremely positive notes. Dues paying membership is at an all time high of 5081, and the Scholarship Fund has a Fund Equity of over a half a million dollars.

   FALCONWAY Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, advises the Board that the Second Appeal raised $74,924.84. $33,574.17 was earmarked for the Save NECHS campaign; the Scholarship Fund was the recipient of $29,664.96; and $11,685.71 was designated for the Oblates.

   On November 26, we lose one of our most devoted supporters - William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34. A member of the Board of Governors for more than 25 years, Bill served as 1 st V. P. (1972-73), 2nd V. P. (1981-83), and 4th V. P. (1979-80). He is best known and remembered for his long tenure as Chairman of our Communion Breakfast Sales Committee. He will be missed by all.

   Attendance at the Kiddies Christmas Party was only 95 children, Chairman Larry Gimbel, '63 tells us at the January meeting of the Board.

   The NECHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held on February 7. Our own Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, is inducted in the field of Service in recognition of his long service to the school and the Association. Joseph T. Verdeur, '44, is the honoree in the field of Athletics. Joe won a gold medal as a swimmer in the 1948 Olympics. Thomas J. Cullen, '69, a psychologist is the recipient in the field of Science/Religion. The Business/Labor inductee is Joseph J. Donahue, '31, former president of Connelly Container Corp. Our recipient in the field of Arts/Entertainment is Vincent J. Trombetta, '58, a composer and arranger for a number of movies and TV shows.

Pennsylvania Governor at Breakfast

   St. Patrick's Day is the date of the Communion Breakfast. Mass is concelebrated at Resurrection of Our Lord Church and, once again, Dugan's is the site of the Breakfast, and the price had to be raised to $11 per person. Over 900 attend to hear Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey deliver the principal address and accept our Outstanding Achievement Award. Charlie Titano, '61 is Toastmaster. President Thomas P. Morgan, '64, presents Father James E. Dalton, OSFS, school principal with a check in the amount of $27,814.69 representing eighty percent of the funds donated through FALCONWAY to the Save NECHS campaign.

   On April 23, 1991, George Sommer, '36, who served as President of the Association from 1947 to 1948 passes away.

   In the face of ever increasing budgetary deficits, Finance Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, advises the Board, in April, that we must take a critical look at increasing revenues and decreasing expenses.

   In June, Vice Chairman John Hanejko, '65, delivers the committee's recommendations to the Board. To some they seem drastic, to others realistic. They recommend an increase in dues from $3 to $5 effective July 1. Suspension of the Kiddies Christmas Party since attendance has been dwindling over the past six years, and raising the cost of individual FALCONER subscriptions from $1 to $2 per year effective 7/1. Also, an incentive program for the Lucky 12's Club. Tickets prices would be $12 each, 3 for $30. This would only apply when sales were to a single alumnus or non-alumni. Ed Ganister, '32, and Dan DiNapoli, '67 move for acceptance of the budget in its entirety. It is approved unanimously but only after a l-e-n-g-t-h-y discussion.

   Tom Morgan, '64, is elected unanimously to a third term.

   Likewise, Steve Cardullo, '72, is unopposed for 1st V. P., Frank Gleason, '53, for 2nd V. P., Bill Nesbitt, '59, for 3rd V. P., Paul Quinn, '36, for Secretary, Len Knobbs, '53, for Treasurer, John Hanejko, '65, for 1st Assistant Treasurer, and Dick McGrath, '39 for Historian. Ed Ganister, '32, defeats Ken Florkowski, '88, in the race for the office of 4th V. P.; and Tony Colletta, '72, is the victor over John Handley, '58, for the position of Assistant Secretary. A three-way race for Second Assistant Treasurer results in Larry Gimbel, '63, winning over Larry Dolan, '37, and Jim Whalen, '67. Knobbs recommends that we sell staff shirts with our logo on them to alumni members as a source of revenue. Morgan refers it to the Finance Committee for further study. We end the year with 5072 dues paying members, down slightly from last year.

   The Trustees of the Scholarship increase the value of grants awarded to $106,000 annually. Seventy four thousand dollars will be awarded to incoming Freshmen at North. Twenty-one grants will now be awarded - four at $6,000; eight at $4,000; and nine at $2,000. Grants to graduating seniors at North and sons/daughters of dues paying alumni are dropped from three to two in each category. However, the value of grants is increased to $10,000 and $6,000 in each category.

   Our Golf Tourney at Melrose Country Club on July 15 attracts 111 golfers which raises almost $6,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   At the October meeting, the Board authorizes the purchase for resale of golf shirts and hats emblazoned with the alumni logo. The third FALCONWAY Appeal raises $84,038.12. The Scholarship Fund receives $34,635.25; the Save NECHS campaign receives $34,416.62; and $14,986.25 was designated for the Oblates.

   Breakfast Arrangements Chairman Ray Rysak informs the Board in November that Dugan's is booked for April 5, the date scheduled for the Breakfast. The committee has been checking other locations but prices are higher and we may have difficulty securing a nearby parish for Mass. The following month, the committee recommends that we utilize the Wyndham Franklin Plaza for the breakfast. The logical selection for Mass - the Cathedral - is out because it is already booked. The committee has spoken with Father Dalton and he has offered the school auditorium. Mass will be at 9 AM. and the breakfast will be at the hotel at 11 AM.

   The Breakfast Sales Committee recommends the price of the Breakfast be set at $15. The Board concurs.

   By January sales of the new hats and shirts are brisk enough that we have to reorder. Profit to date is $700.

Father Simons Inducted Into Hall of Fame

   Five men are inducted into the Hall of Fame on February 6. Jay Dugan, '36, a noted sculptor whose works are found throughout the country is honored in Arts/Entertainment field. Our recipient in the Athletics category is Frank Hoerst, '35, who coached Basketball at North and LaSalle College and pitched for the Phillies. Peter P. Gallagher, '37, the Treasurer of Bricklayers Local is honored in the Business/Labor field. Our own beloved chaplain, Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, is a most deserving recipient of the Science/Religion award. Joseph McCloskey, '37, a former Philadelphia police officer, who was one of the founders of the Police Athletic League is our honoree in the Service category.

Second Largest Breakfast Attendance in History

   On Sunday, April 5, One Thousand One Hundred Twelve people attend the 63rd Communion Breakfast. The prime reason for the large turnout is our speaker, our own Lieutenant General Thomas W. Kelly, USA (Retired), '50. General Kelly was Director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the recent Desert Storm Operation in Kuwait and Iraq. In this capacity, he delivered daily briefings on national TV and attracted a wide audience with his personality and candor in dealing with the media. He is equally informative and interesting in his remarks at the Breakfast. He accepts our Outstanding Achievement Award on behalf of the U. S. Forces who served Desert Storm. John McAdams, '58, is Toastmaster. General Kelly and Father Thomas P. "Knobby" Walsh receive our Outstanding Alumnus Award.

   Twelve Oblates join with Father Ed Simons, OSFS, '34, to concelebrate Mass on Memorial Day. Attendance still hovers around seventy-five. A bus trip to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in Lancaster nets $400 for the Association.

   Lucky 12's Club Chairman Ed Ganister, '32 , reports to the Board in June that ticket sales reached an all-time high, largely due to people taking advantage of the third ticket at a reduced price. Our profit is over $31,000. By now, everyone realizes that without this fund raising vehicle, we would be in a world of trouble financially.

   Francis J. Gleason, '53, is unanimously elected President. This will be the fourth time, he has held this office. He previously served from 1973 to 1976. Also unopposed for election were Third Vice President William M. Nesbitt, '59, Fourth Vice President Edward J. Ganister, '32, Secretary Paul D. Quinn, '36, Treasurer Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Assistant Secretary Thomas P. Morgan, '64, First Assistant Treasurer John R. Hanejko, '65, Second Assistant Treasurer Lawrence A. Dolan, '37, and Historian Richard C. McGrath, '39. Stephen A. Cardullo, '72, defeats Lawrence F. Gimbel, '63, and retains the office of First Vice President. However, Gimbel narrowly defeats Cardullo's classmate, Anthony J. Colletta for the position of Second Vice President. We end the year with 5,076 dues payers - four more than last year.

   Len Knobbs, '53 is reelected Treasurer of the Scholarship Fund by the Trustees.

   On July 13, 136 golfers tee off in the Second Annual Golf Tourney. Chairman Larry Gimbel, '63 reports that almost $8,000 was raised for the Scholarship Fund.

   After ten years, Father James E. Dalton, OSFS, is replaced as Principal of NECHS by Father Michael S. Murray, OSFS. Father addresses the Board at the September meeting and pledges that he will work for North in the Oblate tradition. He asks for our support. In a rare action, the Board suspends the Class Representatives of '54, 78, and '79, until such time as they comply with the By-Laws and submit their Financial Form to the Treasurer.

   We lose former President Paul J. Kelly, '34, on September 19, 1992. Paul was a member of the Board from 1937 to 1947, and 1983 until his death. He held a number of offices during his stint on the Board including President from 1942 to 1947. He was a Trustee of the Association and a founding Trustee of the Scholarship Fund in 1968.

   At the October meeting, we learn that Cardinal Bevilacqua will release the Coopers Lybrand study on the secondary schools of the Archdiocese the following day. Rumors abound that North is the among the schools that will be recommended for closing. Enrollment now stands at slightly more than 900.

   On October 14, Judge Joseph T. Murphy, '29, senior Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, dies. Joe served as President of the Association from 1954 to 1957 and was a Trustee of the Association and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund at the time of his death. The Oblates celebrate their 100 Anniversary in the United States on October 25. Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua celebrates Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul. John Simons, '34, proclaims the Second Reading and Leonard Knobbs, '53, offers the General Intercessions. After Mass, all adjourn to the Hotel Atop the Bellevue for a banquet celebrating this momentous occasion. President Francis J. Gleason, '53, presents Father Richard T. Reece, OSFS, '54, Provincial of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province with a $10,000 check and the deep appreciation of the membership to the Oblates for their devotion and dedication to NECHS over the past sixty-six years.

Coopers Lybrand Recommends North Closure

   North is on the list to be closed. Gleason calls and emergency meeting of the Executive Board and the Trustees. A subcommittee of Gleason, Knobbs, Musial, and Hanejko draft a proposal which the committee accepts and it is presented to Father Murray. The overall concept is to lease the building from the Archdiocese for a minimum amount. The school would be operated by the Association as a private school. The Oblates would continue to manage the school on a day-to-day basis. The Association would undertake to raise a two million dollar endowment to fund the operation of the school. Father Murray takes the proposal to Archdiocesan authorities and it is rejected.

   After conferring with Oblate Fathers Murray, Neil F. Kilty, '59, Superior of the NEC Community, Joseph Morrissey, '66, Provincial Treasurer, and James Dever, '63, Director of Personnel, the committee revises the proposal and presents it to Father Murray for delivery to the Archdiocese. The Board of Governors meets in emergency session on November 5 and after a lengthy debate of over two hours, the proposal is approved with one abstention.

   Gleason appoints Real Estate Committee consisting of Len Knobbs, '53 as Chairman; Steve Cardullo, '72, Vice Chairman; and Bill Nesbitt, '59, Joe Kilroy, '65, and Ray Rysak, '66. The committee is to look for a potential home in the event the closure of NECHS cannot be stopped.

   Knobbs reports that the fourth FALCONWAY Appeal raised $47,564 for the Scholarship Fund; $39,438.50 for the Save Northeast Catholic campaign; and $28,626.25 forthe Oblates for a total of $115,633.75. This is the first time the Appeal has raised over $100,000.

   Gleason advises the Board in December that problems have developed with the proposal presented to the Archdiocese. Our proposal was incorporated into a, seventy page proposal presented by the school. Nowhere within the document was the Association or its proposed commitments identified. Gleason points out that Father Murray had no authority to commit the Association to anything. As an independent corporation, only the Board of Governors could do so. He further explains that the Archdiocese wants written clarification on four points: 1) is NECHS willing to cover the deficit for the foreseeable future and how will they do this; 2) How much funding will NECHS allocate for tuition assistance each year; 3) Devise a plan for increasing and maintaining enrollm'ent at 60% of capacity - capacity calculated at 1800; 4) How can NECHS achieve and maintain racial equality in the school.


   The Board discusses this at length. They finally agree that at this point, the answers and solutions must come form the school. On December 15, Cardinal Bevilacqua announces that NECHS will remain open. The Association has pledged to do its part in assisting the school to meet the demands placed upon it by the Archdiocese. We will assist in underwriting any deficits incurred in the operation of the school to the best of our financial ability. The Archdiocese approved open enrollment which means the school will no longer be served by specific feeder parishes. We can, and will solicit students from across the Archdiocese. Enrollment must be increased within three years from the current 931 to 1080.

Trustees Increase Scholarship Aid

   The Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund provide what they feel will help in this area. First, while they will honor the college grants that have been awarded to date, they will suspend future awards and concentrate the funds in awards to incoming Freshmen at NECHS. They increase the value of the grants from the current $106,000 to $165,000 annually. The grants would be four at $6,000 each; twenty-four at $4,000 (one each to be awarded to incoming Freshmen from the following parishes: St. Adalbert, All Saints, St. Anne, Ascension, St. Bartholomew, St. Boniface, St. Edward, St. George, Holy Innocents, Holy Name, St. Hugh, St. Joachim, St. Joan of Arc, St. John Cantius, St. Laurentius, Mater Dolorosa, St. Michael, Mother of Divine Grace, Nativity, Our Lady Help of Christians, and Visitation and three at large). Five grants of $3,000 each (2 to be awarded to students of African American origin and two to students of Hispanic origin and one at large). Nine grants of $2,000 each; and fifteen grants of $800 each to be awarded to sons of dues paying alumni.

   The Hall of Fame committee meets and enlarges the scope of one category - it will now encompass Business/Labor/Military. The recipient is this category is John McVeigh, '39, who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor in Europe during World War II. He is the only alumnus to have received our nation's highest honor. The honoree for Athletics is also from the Class of '39. Frank "Bucko" Kilroy, former all-pro lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles and current GM for the New England Patriots. George Sommer,'36, a former alumni president and a former band leader is inducted in the field of Arts/Entertainment. John Mahan, MD, '69, is our honoree for Science/Religion. The award for Service will be presented to former Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph E. McKeown, '33, for his years of service to the Association and the school. They are inducted in ceremonies at school on February 19.

Save NEC Fund Incorporated

   President Gleason informs the Board at the February 11 meeting that he and Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs met with officials from the Office of Catholic education on January 29. He states that Father Murray represented the school. Frank explained to the Board that when he informed the Archdiocesan officials that we had incorporated Save Northeast Catholic Fund that it was not well received. He explained that Msgr. Cribben, Vicar for Catholic Education, told him that the Cardinal did not want to deal with anyone but the Principal of the school. They were not interested in looking at the legal agreements we had drawn up binding us to underwriting a portion of any deficits incurred by the school. They would strike any reference to the Association or Save Northeast Catholic Fund from the Performance Agreement signed by Father Murray. Gleason explains that we are legally off the hook. The Board is told the reasons the Fund was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and will seek tax exempt status are to afford the donors a tax deduction for contributions to the Fund, and to protect the Association and Scholarship Fund from any claims should the Fund be unable to raise sufficient funds to help offset deficits incurred by NECHS. A copy of the proposed governing instrument for Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. was mailed to all members of record. Gleason tells the Board that the incorporators in addition to him and Knobbs are John Hanejko,'65, Tom Morgan, '64, and John Musial, '63. A motion to adopt the Constitution and By-Laws as presented is made By Joe McKeown, '33, and Bill McCormac, '61. The motion passes unanimously.

   Gleason the opens the floor for nominations to the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund. The officers of the Fund under the By-Laws are, by the virtue of the Alumni Association offices they hold, President - Francis J. Gleason, '53; Vice President - Stephen A. Cardullo, '72; and Secretary-Treasurer Leonard F. Knobbs, '53. Frank explains that the three men who receive the highest total of votes will serve for seven years, the next three will serve for three years, and thereafter all terms will be for seven years. Election will take place next month. Seven men are nominated for the six positions on the Board. They are: John T. Musial, '63; Thomas P. Morgan, '64, Joseph F. Kilroy, '65, Anthony J. Kornuszko, '62, Raymond E. Rysak, '66, John R. Hanejko, '65, and William M. FitzPatrick, '59.

   At the close of nominations, Gleason tells the Board that a vote of thanks is due Dennis George, Esq. who serves as counsel to the Association at no charge for all of the legal work performed in connection with the incorporation. A motion to concur with the President and instructing the Executive Secretary to forward a letter of appreciation is made by Ray Rysak, '66 and Ed Ganister, '32. It passes unanimously.

   A motion is made by Len Knobbs, '53, and Tom Hills, '38, to approve the payment of the incorporation expenses of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. - $100 for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fee, $23.54 for the seal, and $150 application fee to the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt status. It is approved unanimously.

   In February, we reach 5,092 dues paying members - a new high.

   The results of the election for Directors of Save NEC Fund is Musial - 52; Hanejko - 51; Morgan - 48; Kilroy - 46; Rysak - 46; FitzPatrick - 42; Kornuszko - 21. Musial, Hanejko, and Morgan get seven year terms and Kilroy, Rysak, and FitzPatrick receive three year terms.

   John Hanejko, Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, reads a letter from Father Mark Hushen, OSFS, school minister at NECHS, requesting financial assistance for students to attend the International Youth Day Rally with Pope John Paul II in Denver. Hanejko and Larry Dolan, '37, move to appropriate $500 for this purpose. It is approved unanimously.

   Attendance at the Communion Breakfast drops to 739, the lowest since 1985. Bill "Speedy" Morris, Basketball Coach at LaSalle University receives our Outstanding Achievement Award and delivers the main address on March 28. Once again, due to scheduling conflicts, Mass is concelebrated in the auditorium at North and the Breakfast is held at the Adam's Mark Hotel. Don Henderson, sports director of WOGL is the toastmaster.

   At our annual Board Dinner meeting on April 15, we honor Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34 on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of his ordination. Father has been Chaplain of the Association since 1976.

Father Curran Named NECHS President

   At the May meeting, we are introduced to Father Thomas Curran, OSFS. Father has recently been appointed as the first President of NECHS. Father Murray will continue as Principal.

   Frank Gleason, '53, is unanimously elected to a second consecutive term as President. First Vice President Steve Cardullo, '72; Second Vice President Joseph J. Mackin, '40; Secretary Paul Quinn, '36; Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary Tom Morgan, '64, First Assistant Treasurer John Hanejko, '65; and Second Assistant Treasurer Larry Dolan, '37 are also unopposed. Bill Nesbitt, '59, defeats Ed Ganister, '32, and retains his Third Vice Presidency; and Ganister narrowly edges Tony Colletta, '72, for Fourth Vice President. Joe Kilroy, '65, defeats incumbent Historian Dick McGrath, '39. We end the year with 5,116 dues paying members - a new record.

   In early July, Father Curran asks President Gleason to call a meeting of the Executive Board so that he can address them concerning the state of the school. Gleason calls the meeting for July 8 and also invites the Trustees (past presidents) of the Association to attend. At the meeting, Father Curran makes certain requests of the Association which he confirms in a letter to Gleason dated July 12.

   The Golf Tourney scheduled for July 19 is postponed due to a torrential downpour.

Controversy Arises

   The Executive Board and Trustees meet on August 3 to consider Father Curran's requests. During the three hour plus meeting, it is decided that they do not coincide with our concepts of how the Association should be operated and how it should interface with the school. Father's requests are rejected by the group which Gleason confirms in a letter sent to Father dated August 5. Gleason points out to Father that our name is not NECHS Alumni Association, Inc. but Northeast Catholic Alumni Association, Inc.

   At the Board meeting in September, President Gleason explains to the Board what transpired at the two meetings, and responds to questions from the floor. A motion is made by Jim Bollendorf, '73, and Joe Mackin, '40, to endorse the unanimous decision of the Executive Board and Trustees. He then asked Father Curran, who was invited to attend the meeting, if he wished to address the topic. Father explained his position and stated that the request for the mailing list really came from the Archdiocese. He further explained that the requests were not designed to dismantle the Association. He stated that current enrollment is 906.

   A lengthy discussion on the motion ensues. Former president and Trustee Charles Quinn, '36, delivers a historical perspective of similar demands (requests) made by the school, Oblates, and Archdiocese over the years. He reminds those present that the Association is a "non-profit corporation" and as such must operate in the best interests of the corporation and its membership.

   A call for a roll call vote is made by Pat Boyle, '49, and seconded by Len Knobbs, '53. The call of names resulted in forty-four affirmative and three not voting. The decision of the Executive Board and Trustees is upheld.

   The Golf Tournament on September 7 produces record attendance of 239 golfers. Chairman Tom Morgan, '64 reports that the profit for the Scholarship Fund is in excess of $9,000.

   In October, the meeting lasts over two and half hours, as the Board debates at length a five page letter with attached exhibits mailed by Father Curran to all Board members of record and a motion by Jack Marczely, '55, and Tony Kornuszko, '62, to negotiate with the school president over a number of items which had been previously rejected by the Board. John Hanejko, '65, delivers an eloquent and to the point address wherein he dissects every paragraph of Father Curran's letter and how the Association had already addressed most of the topics. He raises the point that while Father says he was "outgunned" at the meeting, it was he (Father Curran) who invited and insisted that the entire Executive Board of the Association be present. In addition, he invited the people who would represent the school. Hanejko further points out that Father is an attorney and two other attorneys were present representing the school so maybe it was the Association who was "outgunned" at the meeting. Hanejko further points out that it was the business plan developed and presented by the Association that became the keystone of the plan that Father Murray presented to the Office of Catholic education. He concludes with a defense of Chick Quinn's remarks at the last meeting which Father Curran has called in a footnote in his letter "a disgraceful barrage of comments."

   Mike O'Meara, '64, points out to Marczely that "by abstaining at the last meeting, you basically voted with the majority." Marczely responds that he felt three of the four issues we took were valid. Pat Boyle, '49, asks Marczely which issue does he disagree with. Marczely states "the one allowing the President of the school to write a monthly column for the FALCONER. Boyle responds that he had been offered this subject to editing. Marczely comments "did he say no to that - the notes have me confused." O'Meara, Marczely, and Boyle become engaged in a discussion.

   Len Knobbs, '53, rises to a "point of order" - They are discussing among themselves not the chair. He also questions whether the motion is in order since it is contrary to what was passed last month. It is his opinion that a motion to rescind the Board's decision of last month would have to take place before the motion on the floor could be debated and voted upon. Hank Blaszczyk, '45, concurs with Knobbs and asks the chair to rule on it. Knobbs asks his indulgence to raise another point which he considers just as serious. How did Father Curran obtain the personal addresses of Board members unless a member of the Board had given them to him. This is in direct contravention of a Board resolution which states that "our mailing list or any portions of it may not be disclosed to anyone other than Board members".

   Eventually, Vice President Cardullo, who is presiding in the absence of vacationing President Gleason, after consultation with the Trustees rules that the motion is contrary to the motion passed last month. Thus a motion to rescind last month's motion would have to be passed first. He ruled Marczely's motion out of order.

   FALCONWAY V comes to a close having raised $280,677.56. Save Northeast Catholic Fund receives $149,909.67; the Scholarship Fund - $111,894.84, and the Oblates - $18,873.05./p>

Old Timers' Meet for First Time

   The first Old Timers Reunion for the Classes of 1929 through 1934 is held at Rosewood Caterers on October 21. Chairman Jack Marczely, '55, reports that there were 77 in attendance with the Class of '33 leading the way with 17 members on hand.

   At the November meeting, Gleason advises the Board that he will have a luncheon meeting with Father Curran the next day to discuss future working relations between the school and the Association.

   In December, President Gleason informs the Board of his meeting with Father Curran. He states that Father presented him with a handwritten note that states "provided that Mr. Leonard Knobbs, '53, resign completely from all affiliation w/ the NEC Alumni Association we would be willing to negotiate regarding a regular column in the FALCONER from the President of the school and access to the mailing list w/ monitoring from the assoc." Frank notes that all of these proposals had been previously turned down by the Board.

   A discussion follows. Joe Kling,'42, suggests that we relocate our office. Gleason responds that he has appointed a real estate committee for that purpose if the event we ordered to vacate our office in the Faculty House. A motion is introduced by Mike Donofrio, '47, and John Musial, '63, that Len Knobbs, '53 be given a vote of confidence by the Board. It passes unanimously.

   In January, President Gleason advises the Board, that Father James E. Dalton, OSFS, Religious Superior of the Oblate Community at NEC withdrew permission for the Board to use the Faculty Dining Room for our meetings effective next month. We had been utilizing the dining room for a little over a year since our previous room in the basement had been converted to a storage facility. Frank also advises that electronic gates will be installed at the head of the driveways to the Faculty House and school. The gates will be opened at 6 A. M. and closed in the early evening. This will preclude our office staff from parking on school grounds since their normal work hours are from 7 P. M. to 11 P. M. Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. Father suggests that Gleason speak to Father Curran about utilizing space in the school for our meetings.

   Our February meeting of the Board is held at the Philadelphia Fire Officers' Union Hall in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia. Gleason informs the Board that our office staff is in bad shape. Len Knobbs broke his collarbone in a fall on the ice in January and Bill Nesbitt, '59, is in Frankford Hospital with kidney failure. John Hanejko, '65, and Jim Bollendorf, '73, have been filling in admirably and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their service.

   The NECHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held on February 17. The inductees are: William Plumley, '54 Arts/Entertainment; John J. Gillespie, '35 - Athletics; Thomas W. Kelly, '50 (Lt. Gen., USA, retired) -Business/Labor/Military; J. Richard White, '46 - Science/Religion; and Paul D. Quinn, '36 Service.

   Attendance at the March 20 Communion Breakfast dips to 492 - our lowest in a number of years. Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham accepts the Outstanding Achievement Award and delivers the principal address. Charles L. Titano, '61, is once again our Toastmaster. At the Breakfast, held at the Franklin Wyndham Plaza, President Gleason presents Father Curran with a check in the amount of $25,000 from the Save Northeast Catholic Fund, to be utilized against any deficit in the operation of the school.

   On April 10, the school hosts a testimonial dinner for Father Thomas P. "Knobby" Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66. The testimonial draws a capacity crowd to King's Caterers in Bristol.

   Chairman Bill Nesbitt, '59 reports that attendance at Memorial Day Services is holding at about 75. Gleason tells the Board that he thinks it would be appropriate if more of us attended.

Oblates Acknowledge Association

   At the June meeting, a letter dated May 27 from Father Richard DeLillio, OSFS, the Oblates Development Director to Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53 states that we are the only school alumni, of all their schools, that does anything for them financially. Gleason comments; "in view of that, I would think some of us would have been invited, in our official capacities, to the dedication of Annecy Hall at Childs, MD; particularly since as a group we have contributed well over $100,000 in recent years to the Oblates".

   Election Chairman John T. Musial, '63, reports that the following have been elected without opposition; President Francis J. Gleason, '53; First Vice President - Stephen A. Cardullo, '72; Second Vice President - Joseph J. Mackin, '40; Third Vice President - James W. Bollendorf,'73; Secretary - Paul D. Quinn, '36; Treasurer - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary - Thomas P. Morgan, '64; and Second Assistant Treasurer - Lawrence A. Dolan, '37. Anthony J. Colletta, '72 defeats John F. Handley, '58, for the position of Fourth Vice President. First Assistant Treasurer John R. Hanejko, '65, easily retains his office by defeating Richard C. McGrath, '39; and McGrath suffers a second defeat to Joseph F. Kilroy, '65, in the race for Historian.

Presidents Chastize Board

   Gleason thanks the Board for their confidence in him by electing him President for the third consecutive year and the sixth time overall. He asks the Board to let him know if they wish to serve on a particular committee. Likewise, to advise him if he appoints them to a committee and they do not wish to serve. He goes on to state: "We are all here to raise money for the Scholarship Fund, Save Northeast Catholic, and the Oblates; and to keep the Association a viable organization. Apparently, some of our (Board) members have their allegiance in other places. If you don't want to work for the organization, you should get off the Board. You waste space, create problems, and hamper us from getting things done."

   John Musial, '63, said: "speaking as a past president, I support President Gleason's statement. As an organization, we are becoming stagnant. In the school building, they have no feelings for the Alumni Association. They don't invite us to their affairs. What have we done wrong? They are obviously against Len and he has always been willing to help. There are 71 other Board members here. What they wanted to do to Len - they are idiots. What they wanted to do to him, they would do to anyone of us." Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, our Chaplain, broke his long self-imposed silence. He spoke on the withdrawal of the use of the dining room as a meeting place and our loss of parking privileges. He stated that he gave a list of the complaints to his superior (Father Dalton) questioning why we had been thrown out. He said he has been with us for 18 years and during that time we had given the Oblates a great amount of money and that it was not a very nice way to treat one of your benefactors. Father said, "in the Oblate community, we vote for everything. We even voted to allow the wrestling team to practice in the (Faculty House) basement. They did not vote on us being thrown out of the dining room. That was a personal decision by the Superior. When I asked 'Why?', he would not tell me. I intend to do more. I will be in Wilmington tomorrow and I intend to ask the Provincial and the Development Director 'What is all the sweet talk about and then we get clobbered'."

   We end the year with 5,008 members - a significant decline from last year.

   For the second year in a row, rain forces a cancellation of the golf tournament now know as Northeast Catholic Alumni Association, Inc. Golf Classic. On September 6, 170 golfers participate. Chairman Tom Morgan, '64, reports that we raised over $9,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   At the September 8 meeting of the Board, Real Estate Committee Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, reports that the committee has met and is considering four different properties. They will be visiting the sites in the near future. Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee, John Hanejko, '65, informs the Board that Executive Secretary-Treasurer Knobbs has investigated various banks and their related charges for accepting credit cards as a method of payment for FALCONWAY contributions. The committee feels the best deal is from Prime Bank. After conferring with counsel, it is the recommendation of the committee that we enter into a credit card arrangement with Prime Bank providing we receive written confirmation from the Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc., Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc., and the Oblates of St. Francis deSales that they will accept the lower amount (4.5% cost of accepting the card) but credit the donor with the full amount. Hanejko reminds the Board that the Association currently underwrites all printing and mailing costs for the FALCONWAY but would not be able to underwrite this expense.

   Bill Nesbitt's, '59, failing health forces him to inform President Gleason that he will no longer be able to function as an Assistant Executive Secretary. Gleason, in addition to reappointing Knobbs as Executive Secretary and Paul Quinn, '36, as an Assistant, appoints John Hanejko, '65, to other Assistant's post. The Board concurs unanimously.

   Father Curran, in a letter to President Gleason dated October 12, informs us that enrollments stands at 908, and the first floor of the annex building has been leased to Mid-Atlantic EMS. Jerry Boyle, '46, moves that we print the letter in its entirety in the next issue of the FALCONER, it is seconded by Jack Marczely, '55. A lengthy discussion is held and then Joe Mackin, '40, moves to table the motion. It is seconded by Knobbs. The motion to table carries. Boyle, '46, asks to recorded as voting "no"; Knobbs requests to be recorded on the prevailing side.

   The results of the FALCONWAY VI, which concluded on October 31, are announced at the November meeting of the Board by Chairman Len Knobbs, '53. We raised $206,130.26 which was significantly lower than last year. He points out that a lot of our members perceive that threat to NECHS is over and that the Funds and the Oblates no longer require monetary assistance to insure the future of the school and the Oblates. The Scholarship Fund was the recipient of $94,578.51, Save NEC Fund received $90,641.26; and the Oblates garnered $20,910.49.

   Father Simons informs the Board of his discussions with Provincial. It seems they feel the decision is a local decision and the decision will stand.

   Tom Joyce, '69, Chairman of the Breakfast Arrangements Committee reports that the Cathedral is unavailable for Mass since West Catholic Alumni has already secured it. He suggests that we hold the Mass in the school auditorium and then adjourn to the Wyndham Franklin Plaza for breakfast. He makes the motion which is seconded by Joe McKeown, '33, and the Board approves unanimously.

Lucky 12's Club Sales Lagging

   Ed Ganister, '32, Lucky 12's Club Chairman raises a flag. He indicates that we need to increase sales of tickets to this venture since the income from it underwrites most of the operation of the Association.

   The Old Timers Reunion, which now includes the Classes of '29 through '36 attracts only 54. Chairman Marczely suggests a review of the Reunion and better cooperation from the Class Reps of the involved classes.

   The Most Reverend Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS, '30, the first alumnus raised to episcopacy dies in early December. Bishop Schlotterback was ordained a Bishop in 1956 and served in the mission vicariate of Keetmanshoop, Namibia.

   On January 1, 1995, we lose a man who was devoted to the Association. A member since graduation from NECHS in 1959, he served as Class Rep since March, 1975. William M. Nesbitt served as an Officer of the Association in a number of capacities from June, 1979 through June, 1994. He held the post of Assistant Executive Secretary from July, 1983 to June, 1994. Bill was named an Outstanding Alumnus in 1988.

   The Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund approves an additional $15,368 to help underwrite North's deficit. Father Curran sends a letter of appreciation.

   The 1995 Inductees into the NECHS Alumni Hall of Fame are Jesse Cain, '44, in the field of Arts/Entertainment. Mr. Cain has been a radio personality and actor in the Boston area for a number of years. Robert J. McNeill, '56, receives the award for Athletics. Bob starred for the Hawks of St. Joseph's University then played in the NBA for the Knicks and the Warriors. The honoree for Business/Labor/Military is John J. Marquess, Esq., '67. "Jason" is a noted Philadelphia attorney, Chairman of the Board of Advisors of NECHS, and Chairman of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. John E. Murray, Jr., J. D., S. J. D., '50, is the inductee in the field of Science/Religion. Dr. Murray is the President of Duquesne University. The recipient of the Service Award is Francis X. Dougherty, '59, the long time Athletic Director at NECHS. The induction ceremonies take place on February 21.

   The Communion Breakfast on April 2 attracts 677 - up considerably from last year. The principal speaker is Walt Hunter, investigative reporter for KYW-TV. He accepts our Outstanding Achievement Award. The famous Wildwood comedian, "Cozy" Morley does an outstanding job as Toastmaster.

   Two former presidents are named Outstanding Alumni. Our first president Father John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29, and John T. Musial, '63, who served from 1983 to 1986.

   Golf Classic Chairman Tom Morgan, '64, advises us in April that the date of the Classic will be changed to June 12. Melrose CC will remain as the site. Lucky 12's Club Chairman Ed Ganister, '32 reports that Lucky 12's Club sales are well ahead of last year.

   In May, the Board receives a request from Father William McCandless, OSFS, '83, school minister, asking the Association to contribute to the cost of sending students to the DeSales Leadership Program. The cost of the program is $275 per student. Gleason also reads a letter from an anonymous member of the Class of' 51 who is inquiring into the Association's side of the story he received from Father Curran in response to a letter he wrote to Father about the confusion between the school's annual giving and FALCONWAY. Father's letter stated that the annual giving campaign was not replacing FALCONWAY. However, this vehicle was administered by the Alumni Association and NECHS had no say in the solicitation or operation of the vehicle. He went onto state that the current rate of contribution from the Association is insufficient to meet the long term needs of the school.

   Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, reports that a recent ad in the sports pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer soliciting active members for the Association was paid for by Howard Wodack, '52. The Board acknowledged Mr. Wodack's generosity and devotion.

   Finance Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72, introduces a motion, which is the recommendation of the committee, to donate $550 to the school to cover the cost of two registrations for the Leadership Camp along with a letter of expression from the Association. Tony Colletta, '72 seconds the motion. President Gleason reads the letter which will be sent to Fathers Curran (President), Murray (Principal), Reece (Provincial); Dalton (Superior), and McCandless (School Minister). The letter states that over the last seven years, the Association has contributed over $124,000 to the Oblates and over $11,300 to the School Development Fund. Our members have contributed more than $16,500 and the Association $3,500 to the Oblate Missions, and on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Oblates in the U. S., we donated $10,000. In the same seven year period, The Scholarship Fund has underwritten $402,235 in tuition assistance for students at NECHS. Save Northeast Catholic Fund has contributed $123,876.62 directly to the school to assist in underwriting deficits. The aggregate of these contributions is $680,172.77 to the school and the Oblates of which over $170,000 was contributed in the last year. We can only wonder if any other Oblate school has supported their school and the Oblates in a similar manner. Gleason reminds the Board that the letter is part of the motion. The motion is adopted with six negative votes and six not voting.

   Attendance at Memorial Day Services fills the Faculty House Chapel to overflowing. Chairman John Boyle, '39 is elated.

   In a letter, dated May 19, to President Gleason, Father Curran acknowledges our letter advising him of the recipients of this year's grants from the Scholarship Fund. However, in a letter of May 22, he returns our $550 check for the Leadership Camp in light of the sentiments expressed in our May 12 letter.

   The check was returned in a letter of May 25 stating that it was hoped the check would be accepted to assist the two students attend the Leadership Camp. Gleason stated: "the check was forwarded in response to Father McCandless request to support individual students. It is the Association's fervent wish that disagreements not affect the students whom we both wish to assist in furthering their education in the true spirit of St. Francis deSales." The check is accepted.

   Despite the early surge, the Lucky 12's Club returns decline toward the end. As a result sales are less than last year. Ganister urges more support from the Board.

   For the first time in years, there is no opposition for any office. James W. Bollendorf, '73, is elected President marking the first time we have a chief executive from the seventies. The other officers are: 1st V. P. - Steve Cardullo, '72, 2nd V. P. - Joe Mackin, '40, 3rd V. P. - John Musial, '63, 4th V. P. - Tony Colletta, '72; Secretary Paul Quinn,'36, Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, Ass't. Sec'y. - Tom Morgan, '64. 1st Ass't. Treas. - John Hanejko, '65, 2nd Ass't. Treas. - Larry Dolan, '37, and Historian Joe Kilroy, '65.

   The Board of Trustees elect Len Knobbs, '53, to his fifth consecutive term and eighth overall as Treasurer of the Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.

   Retiring President Frank Gleason,'53, expressed his gratitude to the Board fro their support over the past three years. Newly elected President Jim Bollendorf, '73 thanked Frank on behalf of the Board and expressed his hope that he would receive the same help over the coming year.

   The June 12 Golf Classic attracted only 120 golfers - our second lowest total. However, Chairman Tom Morgan '64, reports that we raised over $12,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   On June 23, Second Vice President Joseph J. Mackin, '40, dies. Joe was a member of the Board of Governors for more than forty years. A fitting tribute to his dedication to his family, his church and his beloved Alumni Association was evidenced by the large turnout at St. Martin of Tours. Our chaplain and his brother-in-law, Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, was the principal celebrant of the Mass joined by eleven other Oblates and the pastor of St. Martin's .

   Membership drops below 5,000 - 4967 - for the first time in years.

   President Bollendorf announces the formation of Ways and Means Committee headed by First V. P. Steve Cardullo, '72. The purpose of the committee is to examine every one of our ventures and recommend whether they should be continued, stopped or changed. In addition, they are to search for new methods of attracting members and raising funds - not only for the Association but the Scholarship Fund and Save Northeast Catholic Fund also. He indicates that a look at our Constitution and By-Laws is overdue. He appoints Len Knobbs, '53 as Chairman of the committee. Len is well qualified in this area having served on the 1960 Constitutional Amendment Committee and chairing subsequent com-mittees in 1964, 1974, and 1984.

   A new Class Representative's Handbook has been printed and issued to all members of the Board of Governors.

   Father Curran advises the Board in a letter to Bollendorf that enrollment is 972 - up substantially from previous years.

   Knobbs reports that contributions to FALCONWAY VII totaled $206,504.32 up slightly from last year. Donations to the Scholarship Fund - $111,256.18 were up but Save Northeast Catholic Fund - $75,351.82 and the Oblates - $19,896.32 were down. Total contributions to FALCONWAY since its inception have exceeded One Million Dollars. Marty DePerro, '60, advises the Board that 10 people made the cruise to Bermuda at a very slight profit to the Association. On behalf of the Activities Committee he recommends a trip to Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City for January 26. He and Bill Carr, '57, move to accept the recommendation. It is approved with one not voting.

   Father Thomas Curran, OSFS, school President, and Father William McCandless, OSFS, '83, school Minister, attend the November meeting and fill in the Board in on what's happening at North.

   Golf Classic Chairman Tom Morgan, '64, reports that the date will be June 10, 1996 at Melrose Country Club. Due to price increases, we will have to charge $120 per golfer. Prices for those attending lunch and/or dinner will remain the same. Accordingly, he makes a motion to concur with the committee's recommendations. It is seconded by Knobbs and approved unanimously by the Board.

   Our Board dinner meeting - an annual event where the Board members meet for dinner and a low key party on the evening of a scheduled meeting. They and their wives or lady friends have dinner, the meeting is held, and after dinner they socialize. The cost - with the exception of our invited guests is borne by each Board member who attends. Normally, the dinner is held at the April or May meeting. This year, the Board has decided to hold it in December as a holiday celebration.

By-Law Amendments Proposed

   In January, Len Knobbs, '53, presents the recommendations of the Constitutional Amendment Committee. They have already been mailed to all Board members of record. He states that the committee reviewed each section of the Constitution and By-Laws and have only two changes to recommend. The first is a minor change which is occasioned by a change in the bookkeeping methods of the Association. Since 1985, we have managed the accounts on a computer yet the By-Laws direct the Treasurer to have the books at every meeting of Association to be examined by any member so desiring. The change states "The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all funds received and disbursed which account shall be kept at the office of the Association and made available for inspection by appointment with the Treasurer by any active member of the Association." Accordingly, a motion was made by Len Knobbs and Frank Devinney, '42, to amend Article V, Section 7. It passes unanimously. Knobbs then moves, seconded by Joe Kilroy, '65, to Amend Article VIII, Section 1. This section deals with the procedure for election of Officers. Up to now, a Class Rep could be nominated and run for multiple offices which, at times, presented problems. The change would make the nominee choose which office he would seek and limit him to only one. It is approved unanimously. Knobbs informs the Board they will be presented to the general membership for ratification at the General Membership Meeting at the Communion Breakfast.

   In mid-January, Father Joseph G. Morrissey, OSFS, '66, is elected Provincial of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates.

   The ninth annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held on February 20. Gerald B. Buckley, '50, receives the award for Arts/Entertainment. Jerry began his career drawing Reds Falcon for the Good News and the went onto a 25 year career in the advertising industry. The honoree in the field of Science/Religion is Father John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29. Father was the first president of the Association, the first alumnus ordained an Oblate, and served as Provincial of the Oblates Wilmington-Philadelphia Province. Martin J. McCormick, '52, Vice President of Nuclear Safety Assessment for Niagara Mohawk Corp. receives the award for Business/Labor/Military. The inductee for Athletics is Bernard J. McLaughlin, '46, who had a lengthy career in professional soccer that ended in 1963. He played on the '46 Olympic team and '50 World Cup soccer team, and is a member of the U.S. Soccer and Temple U. Halls of Fame. The recipient in field of Service is Robert P. O'Neill, '65, the Vice Principal of Conwell-Egan High School in Levittown. In addition to teaching, he has been involved for over 15 years in counseling students and families who suffer from drug and/or alcohol problems.

   The trip to Trump Plaza has been rescheduled for March 3. Ways and Means Chairman Steve Cardullo advises the Board that the committee is considering a general reunion at the shore. Also offering different kinds of merchandise along with the hats and shirts.

   Nominations for seven year terms on the Board of Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund are conducted at the February meeting. President Bollendorf reminds the Board that the officers are him, Steve Cardullo, '72, and Len Knobbs, '53. The Directors whose terms run until 2000 are John Musial, '63, John Hanejko, '65, and Tom Morgan, '64. Those whose terms expire are Ray Rysak, '66, Joe Kilroy, '65, and Bill FitzPatrick, '59. Kilroy, Rysak, Frank Gleason, '53, Tony Colletta, '72, and Joe Gabor, '61 are nominated.

   In March, Ed Ganister, '32, Lucky 12's Club Chairman reports that sales are 615 behind last which would result in a drop in income of over $6,000. He urges the Board to do more.

   The results of the election for Directors of Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. are: Joe Kilroy, '65 - 38; Tony Colletta, '72 - 37; Frank Gleason, '53 - 36; Ray Rysak, '66 - 27; and Joe Gabor, '61 - 18.

Summer General Reunion Proposed

   The Ways and Means Committee proposes a general reunion to be held at the Sea Isle City Yacht Club on Saturday, September 7 from 2 PM To 7 PM. The profit, if any, will be split proportionately among the Scholarship Fund, Save NEC Fund, and the Oblates. The report is presented by Chairman Steve Cardullo, '72. Concurring with the distribution of funds is John Hanejko, '65, Vice Chairman, reporting on behalf of the Finance Committee. A motion to concur with the joint recommendation is made by Mike O'Meara, '64, and Len Knobbs, '53. It is approved unanimously.

   Activities Committee Vice Chairman Joe Mulawka, '51, moves to sponsor a trip to Camden Yards for a Baltimore Orioles game on May 4. Price will be $30 per person. It is seconded by Hanejko and approved unanimously. The committee also recommends a trip to Las Vegas for five days, four nights leaving November 3, the prices will range from $409 to $569. Motion by Knobbs and Gleason to approve. It passes unanimously.

   Six hundred Seventy Eight attend the Communion Breakfast on March 24. Jonathan A. Saidel, Esq., CPA, Controller of the City of Philadelphia delivers the address and accepts our Outstanding Achievement Award. Harry Donahue, KYW radio sports and news anchor is our Toastmaster. Frank Gleason, '53, is named an Outstanding Alumnus. At the General Membership meeting prior to the breakfast, President James Bollendorf, '73, introduces Len Knobbs,'53, Chairman of the By-Law Committee for the purpose of addressing the ratification of the two amendments adopted by the Board at their January meeting. A copy of the changes and the existing By-Laws have been presented to each member upon entering the dining room. Knobbs delivers an overview then moves to ratify the changes, it is seconded by Charles Carlin, '69, and on a voice vote, President Bollendorf declares the changes approved unanimously.

   At the April meeting, Bollendorf, reads a letter from Father Curran enclosing a letter from Tom Townsend, Director of St. Joseph's University EMBA program. The letter requests a breakdown from our data base of the numbers of graduates living in specific postal zip codes in the South Jersey area immediately adjacent to Philadelphia who graduated between 1960 and 1994. The purpose of extracting the data would be to determine the feasibility of recruiting students from those areas. Under new business, Len Knobbs, '53, makes a motion to approve giving Mr. Townsend the data requested. It is seconded by Bill Carr, '57, and approved unanimously.

   Good news abounds at the May meeting!

   Lucky 12's Club Chairman Ed Ganister tells the Board that sales are 445 higher than last year for a total of 9396. Marty DePerro, '60, Activities Chairman, reports that a full busload made the trip to the Orioles game and we netted $300. The entire 63 seats for the Las Vegas trip have been booked and we are checking out an additional flight. He also proposes that we run an Alaska cruise on the Celebrity Cruise ship the Horizon in August, 1997. He makes a motion to run the trip and its seconded by Knobbs and passes unanimously.

   Attendance at the Memorial Day Services drops dramatically, Chairman Ganister urges the Board to make a better showing as there were less than a dozen who participated.

   For the second year in succession there is no opposition to the candidates nominated at the May meeting so Election Committee Chairman Frank Gleason, '53, declares the following officers elected in a letter to the Board dated June 1 President - James W. Bollendorf, '73, 1st V. P. - Stephen A. Cardullo, '72, 2nd V. P. - Joseph F. Kilroy, '65, 3rd V. P. - Anthony J. Colletta, '72, 4th V. P. - Martin G. DePerro, '60, Secretary - Paul D. Quinn, '36, Treasurer - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Ass't. Sec'y. - Thomas P. Morgan, '64, 1st Ass't. Treasurer - John R. Hanejko, '65, 2nd Ass't. Treasurer - Lawrence A. Dolan, '37, and Historian - Michael A. O'Meara, Jr., '64.

   The sixth annual Golf Classic got off to a late start on June 12 due to rain. What else! It's rained the last four years. 148 golfers teed off. Chairman Tom Morgan, '64 advises that we raised over $11,000 for the Scholarship Fund.

   A second trip to an Orioles game on September 21 is proposed by Activities Chairman Marty DePerro, '60. Motion by Gleason and Morgan to concur and it is approved unanimously. Finance Chairman Frank Gleason, '53, reports that the committee is recommending $500 to send two students to the DeSales Leadership Program which President Bollendorf approved because it had to be paid before the meeting. Motion by Gleason and Musial, '63, to approve the action of the President and it was approved unanimously. On behalf of the committee, Frank moves adoption of the budget for the coming fiscal year. It contains an increase in our annual commitment to the Scholarship Fund from $10,000 to $15,000 and an increase in the expense allowance for the Executive Secretary and his assistants, it is seconded by Knobbs. A short discussion follows and then the Board approves the motion unanimously.

   Dues paying membership rises by three to 4970.

   After twenty-eight years the Scholarship Fund's equity tops one million dollars. However, as Treasurer Len Knobbs notes, currently we contribute tuition support to 217 young men at NECHS.

   President Bollendorf, an employee of the U. S. Postal Service is promoted and transferred to Washington, D.C. For the present he will commute and be home on weekends. He informs the Board that he will do his utmost to attend most meetings and functions of the Association.

Shore Reunion Off to a Slow Start

   Our Shore Reunion dubbed Falcons Fun in the Sun makes its debut on September 7 replete with a new Association logo designed by a friend of Board member Bill Parkes, '54. The logo is so well received and the sale of souvenir items with it emblazoned on them so swift that, at Bollendorf & Knobbs urging, steps are undertaken to trademark the logo. Counsel Dennis George starts the procedure which will take longer to accomplish than anyone could have foreseen. Event Chairman John Hanejko, '65, advises the Board that we had 320 people in attendance and the profit, which will be divided proportionately among the Scholarship Fund, Save Northeast Catholic Fund, and the Oblates should be between three and four thousand dollars. A glorious day and a great time was had by all.

McKeown, '33 Dies

   On September 29, 1996, we lose a man who was a bulwark of the Northeast Catholic Alumni Association, Inc. for almost fifty years. A talented and energetic individual, Joseph E. McKeown, '33, served as a Class Representative, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary over his long and productive career. He also served for a number of years as Editor of the FALCONER. He was responsible for establishing the accounting, management, and business procedures in the 1950's that enabled the Association to attain his greatness. He and "Chick" Quinn, '36, were responsible for incorporating the Association and putting it on sound financial footing. (Editor's note: When this writer first encountered him in the mid fifties, we were protagonists. Each had his own determined view of what should be. Within ten years, we were fast friends and worked together until his retirement as Executive Secretary-Treasurer in 1983. However, in that retirement, he remained a Class Rep, loyal friend, counselor, and Treasurer Emeritus.) The Association will try long and hard to replace him. FALCONER Editor Len Knobbs informs the Board that the staff is working on a different format for the paper and utilizing a new printer. The first edition of the year will be delayed.

   Our Orioles trip is a social success and a modest profit for the Association is attained.

   At the October meeting, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, asks President Bollendorf to reactivate the Real Estate Committee and that whoever they are take an active interest in securing a location for the Alumni Office. With restricted parking in the vicinity of the Faculty House it is becoming an economic disaster for the staff. Last December, his one week old car was parked in front on Torresdale Avenue and was struck by a hit run vehicle which resulted in his car being totaled. Last week, his car was broken into in an attempt to steal it which was thwarted by an anti-theft device. However, the car was vandalized to the tune of $5,000.

   Sixty-three people fly to Las Vegas on November 3. Chairman Marty DePerro, '60, who traveled with the group, assures the Board that a great time was had by all. There were even some winners and the Association realized a nice profit also. The committee recommends that we journey to New York to see Victor, Victoria starring Julie Andrews. Musial and Knobbs move to accept the recommendation and it is approved unanimously. Len Knobbs, FALCONWAY Chairman reports that the eighth drive raised $207,080.09 - up slightly - which was distributed as follows: Scholarship Fund - $112,455.17; Save Northeast Catholic Fund - $66,494.90; and the Oblates - $28,130.02. He tells the Board that the committee has an included a line on the FALCONWAY return form allowing the donor to include $5 for his dues if he so chooses. Hopefully, this will increase the number of dues paying members in the Association.

   Once again, attendance at Board meetings is becoming a problem. So much so, as President Bollendorf notes, there are more Class Reps absent or excused than present. Absentee Evaluation Committee Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, advises his committee will be taking a harder look at Class Reps who repeatedly miss meetings. In December a motion to drop a member for non-attendance by Knobbs and Colletta is answered with a tabling motion by Jack Marczely, '55 and Bob Kennedy, '54. The motion to table is narrowly defeated 19-18 with 3 not voting. The original motion is passed with three not voting.

   Attendance at the January Board meeting is one of the worst ever- 30 present and 54 absent or excused. Bollendorf, who traveled from Washington, labels it an absolute disgrace. On the bright side, Knobbs reports that the recruitment tool added to FALCONWAY could be called an immediate success. As of December 31, we have 5081 dues paying members. Kilroy reports, in accordance with our By-Laws, 12 Class Reps are in danger of being dropped from the Board. He says he will personally contact each member.

    As of January 31, we have a record high of 5144 dues paying members.

   Chairman of the Falcons Fun in the Sun Committee, John Hanejko, '65, informs the Board in February that the date will be the Saturday after Labor Day same as last year and we will return to the Sea Isle Yacht Club. Bill Carr, '57 seconds Hanejko's motion and the Board approves unanimously.

   On Saturday, February 15, one of North's nationally acclaimed and legendary heroes, Father Thomas P. "Knobby" Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66, dies of heart failure. At the concelebrated Mass of Christian burial held at St. Joachim's, our officers serve as readers and pall bearers.

   The 1997 inductees into the NECHS Hall of Fame are: Hon James R. Cavanaugh, '49, Judge of the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Service); Joseph F. Flubacher, Ph.D., '31, former head of the Economics Department at LaSalle University(Arts/Entertainment/Education); Armond F. Gentile,'52, President of Beneficial Savings Bank (Business/Labor/Military); Walter E. Masterson, '38, former major league pitcher for the Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox, and Detroit Tigers (Athletics); and Very Rev. Richard T. Reece, OSFS, '54, former Provincial of Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates (Science/Religion).

Reunion Moves to Wildwood

   In March, Hanejko tells the Board that Moore's Inlet in North Wildwood has made us a better offer. Accordingly, he introduces a motion seconded by Knobbs to rescind last month's motion regarding the Sea Isle Yacht Club. After a short discussion, the motion is approved unanimously. He then introduces a motion seconded by Tom Joyce, '69, that we hold Falcons Fun in the Sun on September 6 at Moore's. It passes unanimously.

   The Communion Breakfast on March 16 at the Cathedral and Wyndham Franklin Plaza attracts only 513. Philadelphia City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski accepts our Outstanding Achievement Award and delivers the main address to the assemblage. John McAdams, '58, is his usual superb self as the Toastmaster.

   In May, President Jim Bollendorf, '73, informs the Board that he will not be a candidate for a third term. His duties with the Postal Service in Washington, D.C. have increased and he will be moving to Virginia shortly. The next day Bollendorf presents Father Curran with a $50,000 check from the Save Northeast Catholic Fund to provide funding for a Computer Lab to be dedicated in memory of Joe McKeown, '33.

   The Golf Classic attracts 166 golfers and Chairman Tom Morgan reports the profit for the Scholarship Fund is over $13,000.

   There are only two contested offices at the June elections President and Historian. Stephen A. Cardullo, '72, defeats former president Thomas P. Morgan, '64, for the presidency. Peter P. Gallagher, '37, bests incumbent Michael A. O'Meara for the position of Historian. The following were elected unopposed: First Vice President - Anthony J. Colletta, '72; Second Vice President - Joseph F. Kilroy, '65; Third Vice President - John T. Musial, '63; Fourth Vice President - Martin G. DePerro, '60; Secretary - Paul D. Quinn, '36; Treasurer - Leonard F. Knobbs, '53; Assistant Secretary - Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88; First Assistant Treasurer - John R. Hanejko, '65; and Second Assistant Treasurer - Lawrence A. Dolan, '37. The Board is informed by Bollendorf that Father Curran has been transferred to Salesianum. Current Principal, Father Michael S. Murray, OSFS will become President of NECHS and Father Nicholas R. Waseline, OSFS, will become Principal.

   Dues paying membership reaches a record 5169.

   522 people attend our Second Annual Falcons Fun in the Sun at Moore's. Vice Chairman Bill Parks informs us that the profit will exceed $8500 which will be divided proportionately among the Scholarship Fund, Save NEC Fund, and the Oblates.

   Forty three people, including former Moderator, Father Feman Brennan, OSFS, '32, cruise Alaska's Inner Passage aboard the Horizon. Not only does everyone enjoy a fabulous cruise with many exciting side trips but the Association makes a substantial profit.

   The Trustees of the Scholarship Fund are faced with a momentous decision. For only the second time in the history of the Fund, they spent more than they received. At their summer meeting, they debate whether to reduce future grants or not. Out of the blue, a $35,000 bequest from the estate of James Kelly, '31, arrives. The Trustees vote to maintain the total value of the grants awarded at $165,000 per year. However, the complexion of the individual grants will change. The total number will be reduced from 57 to 45. Instead of four @ $6000, they will award five. There will 25 $4000 grants instead of 24, and $3000 grants will be still be five but there will be ten $2000 grants instead of nine. No longer will any grants be restricted to certain groups, they will all be open to everyone who applies.

   At the September meeting of the Board, President Steve Cardullo, '72, reappoints Len Knobbs, '53, as Executive Secretary, and John Hanejko, '65, as his assistant. Paul Quinn, '36 is ill and unable at this time to assume the duties of the other assistant. Cardullo appoints John Musial to the post until such time as Quinn is able to return. The Board concurs unanimously. Tom Morgan, '64, resigns as Class Rep for '64; he will remain a Trustee. As a result of Colletta's election as 1st V. P., he automatically becomes Vice President of the Save Northeast Catholic Fund, Inc. which creates a vacancy on the Board of Directors. Jack Marczely, '55, Ed White, '55, and Ray Rysak, '66, are nominated to fill the term which will expire in February, 2003. Ed White, '55 is elected.

   The Activities Committee under Chairman John Musial, '63, informs the Board that they have tentatively scheduled a casino trip to Bally's in AC for December 7. Musial's motion is seconded by John Barnes, '89, and the Board approves 33-5 with 9 not voting. Their second venture is a planned trip to NYC to attend a performance of "Titanic". A motion to concur with the committee's recommendation is made by Musial and Marty DePerro,'60, and the Board approves the motion 46-1.Returns for our Ninth Annual FALCONWAY Drive are $221,091.23 according to Chairman Knobbs. The Scholarship Fund received $129,044.44, Save Northeast Catholic Fund received $63,375.05, and the Oblates - $28,671.74. This is our second highest annual total and the highest individual annual totals for the Scholarship Fund and the Oblates.

Hall of Fame Inducts Gleason

   The 10th Annual NECHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held on February 17. Father Gerard J. Schubert, OSFS, '47, Director of the Drama Department at Allentown College is the honoree in the field of Arts/Entertainment/Education. John J. Quinn, '52, who coached football at Ryan, Roman and North, received the award for Athletics. The recipient of the Business/Labor/Military award is Major General Joseph V. McLeman, (USMC, Ret.), '45. General McLeman, a graduate of the Naval Academy, served in the Marine Corps in both Korea and Vietnam. The Science/Religion award is presented to Father David I. Hagan, OSFS, '56, who has worked in Inner City Philadelphia for more than 20 years. Former president Francis J. Gleason, '53, receives the award in the Service category for years of work on behalf of the Association and the school.

   David R. Boldt, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, is the recipient of our annual Outstanding Achievement Award. He addresses the 600 in attendance on the need for the government to provide financial assistance to parochial schools. A topic well received by our audience. Don Tollefson, sportscaster for FOX-TV News is the Toastmaster. John R. Hanejko, '65, who served as President from 1986 to 1989, and has been Assistant Executive Secretary since July 1, 1994 is named an Outstanding Alumnus. The honor is also conferred upon Father Robert P. Hanlon, OSFS, '43.

   Paul Quinn, '36, and Ed Ganister, '32 are both still under Doctor's care. Ken Florkowski, '88, has filled in admirably taking the minutes of our meetings in Paul's absence.

   Shortly after the Communion Breakfast, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, is contacted by Michael J. McKenna, '52, President of Crown Cork and Seal Company. Mike has assumed the leadership of Capital Funding Committee to raise funds for the Oblates. The purpose is to create an endowment which will help care for aged and infirm Oblates at Annecy Hall, Childs, Md.

   In April, McKenna, Knobbs, President Cardullo, former president Gleason, and Assistant Executive Secretary Hanejko meet to discuss what the Association could do to aid in this worthy project. The Finance Committee meets in early May to discuss the project.

   Seventy-seven people from the Classes of '29 through '37 attend the Old Timers' Reunion at Dugan's.

   At the May meeting, the Board is read a letter from Paul Quinn, '36, announcing his retirement as Secretary of the Association effective June 30. Paul has served in this capacity without interruption since June, 1956 and prior to that from June 1949 through June 1954. A total of forty-seven years. A motion is made by Knobbs seconded by Colletta to convey the title of Secretary Emeritus upon Paul Quinn, '36. The Board concurs unanimously.

Board Commits to Donation to Oblates

   Finance Chairman Frank Gleason, '53, defers to Executive Secretary Len Knobbs, '53, to explain to the Board the meeting with McKenna and the subsequent deliberations of the Finance Committee on the request. Len details the events of the two meetings. McKenna's committee, which has a three year 3 million dollar goal asked the Association to contribute $100,000 over the three years. After much deliberation given our overall financial condition, the Finance Committee is prepared to recommend under New Business that we contribute $75,000 over five years.

   After nomination of officers for the coming fiscal year, Knobbs made a motion seconded by Joe Kilroy, '65, to adopt the recommendation of the Finance Committee. After a lengthy discussion, where there were numerous attempts to both lower the amount and extend the time frame, the motion was approved unanimously. The Board also agrees to contribute $500 to LaSalle University as a part of a memorial to Joe Verdeur, '44.

   The Golf Classic on June 8 draws 164 golfers. A number of others attend the dinner and awards ceremony in the evening. Chairman John Barnes, '89, reports that for the first time we surpassed the $21,000 mark in profit for the Scholarship Fund.

   Election Chairman Tom Joyce, '69, notifies the Board by letter that all positions are unopposed and the following are elected: President Steve Cardullo, '72, for a second consecutive term; 1st V. P. - Tony Colletta, '72; 2nd V. P. - Joe Kilroy, '65; 3rd V. P. Marty DePerro, '60; 4th V. P. - Ed White, '55; Secretary - John Musial, '63; Treasurer - Len Knobbs, '53; Ass't. Sec'y. - Ken Florkowski, '88; 1st Ass't. Treas. - John Hanejko, '65; 2nd Ass't. Treas. - Larry Dolan, '37; and Historian - Pete Gallagher, '37. Father Simons informs the Board that the school will have a new President next year, Father Mark Wrightson, OSFS.

   Len Knobbs, '53, is reelected Treasurer of the Scholarship Fund.

   Dues paying membership drops to 5093.

   August, 1998 is a bad month for the Association. We lose two dedicated members and former leaders of the Association. Father Feman J. Brennan, OSFS, '32, who served as Moderator (Chaplain) of the Association from 1948 to 1960 dies on August 1. Father also served as Moderator of the Senior Class at NECHS during the same period. Then on August 15, former president J. William Arnoldy, '38, passes away. Bill, a member of the Board since 1964, served as President from 1970 to 1973, and as First Vice President from 1969 to 1970. He was a Trustee of the Association and the Scholarship Fund from 1970 until his death.

   President Cardullo appoints Len Knobbs, '53, as Executive Secretary and John Hanejko, '65, as Assistant at the September meeting. Musial is unable to continue as an Assistant. Cardullo tells the Board the post of the second assistant will remain vacant at this time until such time as he, Knobbs, and Hanejko evaluate the needs of the office staff. The Board concurs unanimously with the appointments and the recommendation.

   Falcons Fun in the Sun Chairman Hanejko reports that with the affair only two days away, sales are dismal - over 120 below last year. He hopes for a last minute surge in sales.

Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer Approved

   Bob Woltjen, '83, introduces a motion seconded by Knobbs to run a beef & beer at Finigan's Wake at 3rd & Spring Garden Streets on Sunday November 22. Price would be $20. It will be known as the Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer. The motion passes unanimously.

   Attendance at Falcons Fun in the Sun is poor to say the least. Chairman Hanejko announces that a profit of about $8,000 will be shared by our charities - the Oblates, Save NEC, and the Scholarship Fund.

   North's new President, Father Mark Wrightson, OSFS, attends the October meeting and fills us in on the state of the school. Presently, enrollment stands at 874, a drop of 50 from last year. The Archdiocese would like the number to be 1080.

   Executive Secretary-Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, informs the Board of the death of Thomas F. Hills,'38. Tom served as Class Rep for '38 since April, 1980. His second announcement further stuns the Board, FR.ED will undergo cataract surgery and after the surgery will recuperate at the Oblate facility in Childs, MD. Len reports Father is not too enthused about going to Childs.

   FR.ED writes to the Board in November stating "he hopes to be with us on December 10 for the Dinner Meeting. He asks that we give him a call or stop to see him in Maryland". Hanejko advises the actual profit from Falcons Fun in the Sun is $7818.18 down almost $1000 from last year.

   FALCONWAY Chairman Len Knobbs, '53, reports that the Tenth Drive is a success. Up over $32,000 from last year, we achieve our second highest total - $253,194.73. The Scholarship Fund ($153,610.75), and Save Northeast Catholic Fund ($71,055.78) are the beneficiaries of substantial increases while the Oblates total ($28,525.20) is down ever so slightly.

   Activities Committee Vice Chairman John Musial, '63, reports that the committee is recommending a trip to NYC on April 24 to see "Ragtime". After the show, we will have dinner at La Maganette. Price including the bus will be $141 per person. Motion by Musial and Knobbs to accept the committee's recommendation. The motion passes unanimously.

   The inaugural Turkey Bowl Beef & Beer attracts 148 people. Chairman Bob Woltjen, '83, reports a profit of $1500 for the Association.

   Save Northeast Catholic Fund's Board of Directors awards a $10,000 grant to the NECHS Athletic Department. It is to be split evenly among organized teams and club sports.

Grants Increased

   The Trustees of the Scholarship increase the value of the annual grants awarded to NECHS students by $10,000 to $175,000. The grants given to incoming Freshmen next September will be as follows; 5 @ $6000; 25 @ $4000; and 15 @ $3000.

   The Board Dinner Meeting originally set for Rose Brier Inn is subject to a last minute transfer to Brook Side Manor, Feasterville, due to contractual problems. Chairman Joe Kilroy, '65, and his committee receive a hearty round of applause from all in attendance for a great evening. He, in turn, congratulates the management and staff of the facility for their great work and kindness in accommodating us on such short notice. To the delight of the Board and our ladies Father Simons is present. Father, in his own inimitable way, tells us "according to the medication I take, I am suffering from diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson's, circulation problems, and heart trouble - other than that, I feel great. He then shared a few of his famous "definitions".

   In January, President Cardullo appoints Ed White, '55, to the existing vacancy as an Assistant Executive Secretary. The Board agrees unanimously. Communion Breakfast Sales Chairman John Hanejko,'65, informs the Board that an increase in the price of the ticket will be necessary due to an increase in cost from the Wyndham Franklin Plaza. He moves that the ticket price be set at $17 for advance sales and $20 for sales at the door. It is seconded by Knobbs and the motion passes unanimously.

   A busy meeting! Activities Chairman Marty DePerro, '60, on behalf of the committee recommends a jaunt to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play the Texas Rangers on May 22. Knobbs seconds the motion and the Board concurs unanimously. The same two propose a motion to sponsor a trip to Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas at a cost of $450 per person. It passes unanimously.

   On June 7, Father Wrightson writes to Steve Cardullo, in his capacity as President of the Save Northeast Catholic Fund, enclosing a proposal to upgrade the Computer Lab at North. The plan would be to link all of the school's computers through servers and link them to the Internet through a high speed connection. The cost - $87,879. A motion is made by Len Knobbs, '53, and seconded by John Hanejko, '65 to award the grant to the school over a two year period, $45,000 in September and the balance the following September. After a general discussion, the motion is approved unanimously by SNEC's Board of Directors.

   Attendance at Falcons Fun in the Sun drops to 452, according to Chairman John Hanejko, '65. Profit fell also to $6548.36, almost $1300 less than last year. It will be split proportionately by our three charities.

   FALCONWAY XI achieves our second highest total ever $265,979.92. The Scholarship Fund was the beneficiary of $162,286.24; the Oblates were the recipients of $$31,988.83 and Save Northeast Catholic Fund received $71,055.78.

   The Board of Trustees of Northeast Catholic Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. unanimously adopts a motion of Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, and Trustee John Hanejko, '65, to increase the value of the grants awarded to $200,000. The grants will be awarded as follows: 5 @ $8000; 5 @ $6000; 25 $4000; and 10 @ $3000.

   At the November meeting, Activities Chairman John Musial, '63, recommends on behalf of the committee that the Association sponsor a cruise aboard the Royal Carribean Line from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal. The Vision would stop at Cabo San Lucas, and Acapulco, Mexico; Caldera, Costa Rica; Cartegena, Colombia; and Aruba. Knobbs seconded the motion and the Board approved unanimously.

   At our Dinner meeting in December, Breakfast Sales Chairman John Hanejko, '65, recommends that the price of a ticket be increased to $20 for advance purchases and $25 at the door. The major factor for the increase is the Wyndham Franklin Plaza has increased the price to us and ancillary expenses - letters to the membership, guests, printing tickets, etc. - have also increased. Chairman John Musial and the Activities Committee propose a trip to NYC to see "Les Miserables" on April 29, 2000. The trip will include dinner and bus refreshments. Price to be established by the committee. Motion by Musial and Knobbs to approve and the Board concurs unanimously.

Father Simons Dies

   On New Year's Day, we are shocked by the news that our beloved Chaplain, Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, died yesterday. FR.ED served as Moderator/Chaplain from September, 1976 until his death - longer than any priest in our history.


Father John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipients

This award, created by the Board of Governors and first presented in 1960, was renamed to honor Father Tye in 1976.

Father Tye
Alumni Moderator
June, 1960 - April, 1973

     Captain (Chaplain) John B. Tye, USA, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in connection with combat operations against the enemy with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (Luzon, Phillipines) during World War II.
General Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division, General Order No. 50 (1945).

     The men below have received this award in recognition of their exemplary dedication and service to the ideals and purpose of the Alumni Association.

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan, OSFS, '32

Bernard F. Bygott, '34

"Mickey" Shaughnessy, Hon., '49

Joseph E. McKeown, '33

Paul D. Quinn, '36

Most Rev. William J. Ward, OSFS, '32

Rev. Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS,
Hon., '55

Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

Edward J. Guinan, '37

Charles J. Quinn, '36

Rev. Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34

Edward J. Ganister, '32

Bil Keane, '40

Paul J. Kelly, '34

Most Rev. Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS, '30

William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34

William M. Nesbitt, '59

Thomas P. Casey, '31

Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

Thomas W. Kelly, '50

Rev. Thomas P. Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66

John T. Musial, '63

Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

Francis J. Gleason, '53

John R. Hanejko, '65

Rev. Robert P. Hanlon, OSFS, '43

Francis J. Dunleavy, '32

Rev. Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74

Lawrence A. Dolan, '37

James P. Scanlon, '30

Francis J. Devinney, '42

Nicholas A. Giordano, '61

Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53

Patrick J. Boyle, '49

Rev. Neil F. Kilty, OSFS, '59

James W. Bollendorf, '73

Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

Kevin McCloskey, '05

Association Presidents


Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

June 10, 1929 -
January 14, 1931


Frank T. McKee, '29

January 14, 1931 -
January 20, 1935


John W. Brecht, '30

January 20, 1935 -
December 27, 1936


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

December 27, 1936 -
December 26, 1937


William P. Robinson, MD, '29

December 26, 1937 -
January 25, 1942


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

January 25, 1942 -
July 6, 1942


Paul J. Kelly, '34

July 6, 1942 -
January 26, 1947


George W. Sommer, '36

January 26, 1947 -
December 16, 1947


Bernard F. Bygott, '34

December 16, 1947 -
November 27, 1949


Charles J. Quinn, '36

November 27, 1949 -
June 10, 1954


Hon. Joseph T. Murphy, '29

June 10, 1954 -
June 13, 1957


James E. Fitzgerald, '42

June 13, 1957 -
June 9, 1960


Charles E. Malone, '30

June 9, 1960 -
June 8, 1961


James J. Cox, Jr., '36

June 8, 1961 -
June 13, 1963


Patrick J. Boyle, '49

June 13, 1963 -
June 9, 1966


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 9, 1966 -
June 12, 1969


Rocco G. Iacone, '55

June 12, 1969 -
June 11, 1970


J. William Arnoldy, '38

June 11, 1970 -
June 14, 1973


Francis J. Gleason, '53

June 14, 1973 -
June 10, 1976


Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57

June 10, 1976 -
June 9, 1977


Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

June 9, 1977 -
June 12, 1980


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 12, 1980 -
June 9, 1983


John T. Musial, '63

June 9, 1983 -
July 1, 1986


John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 1986 -
July 1, 1989


Thomas P. Morgan, '64

July 1, 1989 -
July 1, 1992


Francis J. Gleason, '53

July 1, 1992 -
July 1, 1995


James W. Bollendorf, '73

July 1, 1995 -
July 1, 1997


Stephen A. Cardullo, '72

July 1, 1997 -
July 1, 2000


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2000 -
July 1, 2003


Anthony J. Colletta, '72

July 1, 2003 -
July 1, 2006


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2006 -
July 1, 2009


John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 2009 -
July 1, 2012

T. Musial, '63

July 1, 2012 -
July 1, 2013




Jeffrey W. Brown, '79

July 1, 2013 -


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Class Representatives

     In our eighty-four years, almost one thousand men have served on our Board of Governors.  Some have served as little as one month while others have performed dedicated service for many years.  We would like to recognize the thirty-one Class Representatives who served for twenty five years or longer.

     Patrick J. Boyle, '49 - November, 1954 - Present
     Francis J. Devinney, '42 - November, 1950 to November, 1951; January, 1954 to September, 2011.
     Leonard F. Knobbs, '53 - November, 1956 - Present
     Richard C. McGrath, '39 - July, 1943 to November, 1951; November, 1952 to November, 1957;      November, 1958 to November, 1977; March, 1978 to February, 1998.  Deceased March 24, 2003.
     Paul D. Quinn, '36 - November, 1948 to September, 2000.  Deceased October 20, 2002.
John F. Handley, '58 - March, 1967 - Present
     John T. Musial, '63 - January, 1966 to September, 1990; September, 1992 to Present
     John S. Boyle, '39 - November, 1961 - September, 2008.  Deceased January 30, 2012.
     Raymond E. Rysak, '66 - March, 1969 - Present
     William J. McCormac, '61 - March, 1969 to March, 2011, September, 2011 - September, 2013.
Joseph E. McKeown, '33 - November, 1950 to January, 1951; November, 1953 to September, 1996.  Deceased September 29, 1996
     Stephen A. Cardullo, '72 - September, 1972 - Present
    Lawrence A. Dolan, '37 - November, 1948 to September, 1957; November, 1957 to May, 1958; March, 1973 to October, 2005.  Deceased October 30, 2005.
     Robert J. Fuessinger, '48 - November, 1952 to September, 1993.  Deceased August 15, 2006.    

Francis J. Gleason, '53 - November, 1960 to September, 2000.  Deceased September 10, 2000.
   Joseph J. Mackin, '40 - November, 1947 to October, 1959; November, 1962 to March, 1972; March, 1977 to June, 1995.  Deceased June 23, 1995.
John R. Hanejko, '65 - November, 1978 - Present
J. William Arnoldy, '38 - January, 1964 to August, 1998.  Deceased August 15, 1998.    
Bernard J. McGuire, '50 - November, 1952 to November, 1958; January, 1959 to September, 1972; October, 1972 to November, 1975; March, 1976 to June, 1985; September, 1985 to February, 1986.  Deceased August 5, 1987.    
Joseph P. Brennan, Jr., '69 - March, 1977 to October, 2006; September, 2008 - May, 2011.
Edward J. Ganister, '32 - March, 1967 to January, 1999.  Deceased January 3, 1999.    

Anthony J. Colletta, '72 - March, 1973 to February, 1985; April, 1989 to November, 2008.  Deceased November 19, 2011.   
    Michael A. Donofrio, '47 - November, 1955 to October, 1965; January, 1966 to February, 1967; March, 1967 to September, 1967; September, 1989 to July, 2009.  Deceased July 5, 2009.
     Thomas M. Cleary, '47 - January, 1965 to February, 1996.  Deceased January 18, 2001.
    Edmund A. Markowski, Jr., '56 - September, 1977 to September, 1992; September, 1994 to September, 2009.
     Robert E. Kennedy, '54 - September, 1984 to February, 1994; May, 1994 - Present
     William M. FitzPatrick, '59 - September, 1986 - Present
     Louis J. Peters, '31 - December, 1964 to September, 1992.  Deceased December 31, 1993.
     Joseph T. Mulawka, '51 - September, 1987 - April, 2014.  Deceased May 12, 2014.
William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34 - January, 1965 to November, 1990.  Deceased November 26, 1990.
     Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88 - November, 1988 - Present

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Rev. George A. Mahoney, OSFS, Hon. '34

June 10, 1929 -
September 1, 1932

Rev. William A. Stahl, OSFS,
Hon. '34

September 1, 1932 -
June 30, 1934

Rev. Harry J. Quinn, OSFS,
Hon., '35

June 30, 1934 -
June 30, 1940

Rev. Francis X. O'Donnell,
OSFS, '29

June 30, 1940 -
June 30, 1947

Rev. George A. Godley,
 OSFS, '31

June 30, 1947 -
June 30, 1948

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan,
OSFS, '32

June 30, 1948 -
June 30, 1960

Rev. John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

June 30, 1960 -
April 1, 1973

Rev. John J. Green, OSFS, '35

April 1, 1973 -
January 30, 1974

Rev. Francis X. Quaile, OSFS, '35

January 30, 1974 -
June 30, 1974

Rev. James J. Behan, OSFS, '62

June 30, 1974 -
September 1, 1976

Rev. Edward J. Simons,
OSFS, '34

September 1, 1976 -
December 31, 1999

Rev. Neil F. Kilty. OSFS, '59

December 31, 1999 -

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V. + J.


Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it, these suffered all, sacrificed all, dared and died.

(Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery)

     These men, our brothers, gave their lives in defense of their country in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan.  Please remember them in your prayers.



Lawrence C. Hoelzle
Joseph T. Walsh


Nicholas P. Kavanagh
Joseph P. Mahoney
Joseph L. Rabenstein


William J. Connell
Leo P. Hassett
Charles P. Loeper
Joseph F. Stutz


Edward J. Coleman
Samuel J. Dunbar
Joseph S. Fiala
Joseph A. Gogoj
James F. Harkins
Edward F. Heard
Robert E. McCarthy
Aloysius A. Monaghan


Joseph F. Carr
Andrew J. Frosch
Edward J. Galloway
William J. MacElderry
John J. McCann
Joseph V. Murray
Thomas H. Murray
Walter J. Robinson
George L. Smith


Thomas A. Byrne
Edward B. Drueding
John A. Farrell
Albert P. Foley
John J. Gray
Anthony F. Matthews
Leonard J. McGee
Nelson A. Reed
Hugh T. Shellem


John A. Anderson
Richard J. Burns
Thomas J. Cassidy
John J. Dooner
Joseph T. Dwyer
John W. Farrell
Harold Garman
Thomas J. Hobson
Edward E. Houseman
John R. Kelley
Robert J. Kelley
John F. Lawlor
Michael J. Marley
John B. McCann
Vincent J. McElroy
George A. McGee
William J. Newis
James O'Rourke
Herman P. Winterer


William J. Casey
Thomas F. Kelly
James Litz
James McConnell
Joseph A. Minnichbach
Lawrence W. Minnick
Andrew C. O'Keefe
Joseph K. Seiler
Edward C. Sekula
Joseph W. Shedaker
Raymond J. Slazas
Vincent K. Snyder
Albert J. Spanier


Albert Appel
Edward J. Coleman
James V. Derbyshire
John D. Duffy
Thomas F. Fenerty
Edmund J. Gaffney
Joseph M. Garlick
Gerald F. Gowen
John Mallen
James J. McGinnis
Philip J. Razler
James E. Saul
John C. Schmieder
Francis J. Strenger
Martin E. Wagner
Alfred A. Zajac
Walter J. Zarada


William L. Cobb
Raymond W. Devlin
Alfred F. Dougherty
Stephen A.Ganiszewski
John Gibbons
Charles D. Gibson
Daniel J. Grant
Henry L. Grathwohl
Thomas E. Jardel
Edward F. Kent
George Kuhn
Warren Lane
Charles T. Lewis
William F. Lynch
Leo E. Markey
John J. McNulty
John J. McVeigh
Edward J. Phillips
William T. Urban
John J. White



William H. Becker
John J. Delaney
John B. Gilkey
Raymond E. Gruber
Lawrence Lanahan
Philip T. Lehman
Edward Litwin
Eugene P. Magee
Robert McAuliffe
Francis X. McKenna
Charles J. McLinden
Charles J. McVey
Horace J. Murphy
Robert J. Reilly
Francis G. Rudolph
George J. Whalen
James A. White


Paul A. Becker
John F. Clinch
James J. Coffey
Joseph J. Daley
John J. Davis
Edward J. Dooner
Joseph A. Finley
Francis J. Fitzpatrick
Paul R. Foley
Francis J. Gillespie
Eugene T. Gladkowski
James J. Hanlon
Charles W. Lockwood
William F. Matthews
John M. McCann
Frank J. McDonnell
Hugh J. McFadden
Henry T. McMahon
John F. McNally
Charles A. Nessel
Louis B. Rieffel
Anthony J. Rosowski
William H. Schenkel
Anthony T. Serravalli
John D. Sykes
James J. Turner
Maurice L. VanZandt


Harry J. Bell
Raymond J. Broderick
Henry E. Dempski
Norman DeProbert
John A. Donahue
Ralph J. Dooley
Stephen F. Halner
William G. Hare
Charles X. Kuntz
Robert J. Lautenbach
Raymond A. Makin
John G. McBride
Henry P. McCann
Joseph H. McCann
James J. McVey
James P. Mellon
Carmen V. Olivet
Gerald J. O'Neill
Leo J. Reilly
Arthur J. Roit
Joseph F. Rossetti
John J. Rowan
John M. Rutter
James M. Ryan
Ernest E. Schmidt
John J. Stevenson
Raymond J. Trost
Donald M. Woods


Richard E. Bagnor
Anthony T. Cassese
Thomas J. Eck
Charles H. Fox
Francis A. Glanzmann
James F. Gormley
John J. Hannigan
Joseph F. Hendron
Leonard P. Kolodziejski
Joseph McDevitt
Thomas W. Phillips
John T. Stevenson


James B. Boyle
William J. Conley
Charles W. Coyle
William J. DeLaurentis
Patrick J. Dever
Aloysius F. Dougherty
William E. Hagerty


Robert Melhuish
Emmett J. Ryan
George A. Steigerwald


Francis J. Davenport




William J. Brennan


Charles M. Klein


William T. Gould
Harry B. Loy



Robert B. Appel


Frank A. Johnson
Thomas J. Schimpf


Maurice T. Cleary
Charles D. Hogue


Robert J. Evans


John F. McGovern


Daniel C. Bianco
Joseph M. Lynch
Joseph J. Sweeney


Bernard F. Sevier


William J. Brennan
Joseph S. Oaks
Christian J. Spoerl
John W. Toland
E. George West


Stanley A. Gogoj
John L. Sullivan
Stephen C. Walter


James R. Grove
Joseph J. Leszczynski
Charles T. Tait
Charles P. Schwind


John F. Dunne



James F. McCafferty


William P. Coll
Joseph M. Gorman


Joseph J. Crawford


Ronald D. Briggs
William D. McCuen
George D. Speece
Robert V. Stever


William A. Kuprevich
Leonard S. Pelullo


Richard J. Conlin
Michael P. Rymarczuk


Joseph J. Nitka
Louis W. Potempa
William M. Riley
Albert C. Wall, Jr.


Lawrence A. Branigan
Anthony J. Metzger
Joseph T. Monaghan
Thomas F. Nilan
George J. Reed, Jr.
Joseph F. Schimpf
Patrick J. Thiroway, Jr.


Anthony F. Citrigno
Edward J. Kapusta
Robert T. Koehler


Dennis Donovan
William T. Findlay


John R. Feeser




Michael J. Strange


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Sergeant John J. McVeigh, '39

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Outstanding Achievement Award

     This award was created in 1960 to honor a non-alumnus individual or organization who made a significant contribution in a given field.  It is presented at our annual Communion Breakfast.


Congresswoman Kathryn M. Granahan
Donald Barnhouse, WCAU-TV News
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U. S. Senator Hugh Scott
Philadelphia Police Captain Clarence Ferguson
Vince Leonard, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg
Philadelphia District Attorney Arlen Specter
Rolfe Neill, Editor, Philadelphia Daily News
Richard Sprague, Esq., Special Prosecutor
Barney Morris, WCAU-TV News
Tom Fox, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
U. S. Attorney David Marston, Esq.
U. S. Senator Joseph Biden
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Joseph O'Neill
Larry Kane, WCAU-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice James T. McDermott
U. S. Senator John Heinz
Pat Polillo, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert N. C. Nix, Jr.
Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald D. Castille
Congressman Robert Borski
Philadelphia Councilman W. Thatcher Longstreth
Thomas Brookshier, CBS Sportscaster
Brother Patrick Ellis, FSC, LaSalle University President
Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey
U. S. Armed Forces - Operation Desert Storm
Bill "Speedy" Morris, LaSalle University Basketball Coach
Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham
Walt Hunter, KYW-TV News
Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel
Philadelphia Councilwoman Joan Krajewski
David R. Boldt, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
Ray Didinger, Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Columnist
Marc Howard, Channel 6-TV News
Philadelphia Police Commissioner John F. Timoney
Michael Smerconish, Esq., Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vicar for Education Dr. Richard McCarron, Jr.
Bill Campbell, Sports Broadcaster and Columnist
Former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker
Former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale
U. S. Attorney Patrick Meehan, Esq.
Don Tollefson, Sports Broadcaster
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery
Oblates of St. Francis deSales
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey
Frank Fitzpatrick, Inquirer Sports Columnist
Dom Giordano, WPHT Radio Talk Show Host
Vai Sikahema, NBC10 Sports Director
Sam Katz, TV & Film Documentarian

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Hall of Fame

     Created by the School and the Association in 1989 to honor individuals that had brought fame and distinction to the school and themselves by their actions in certain disciplines.  Until school closed the inductees were honored at ceremonies held at NECHS.  Since 2010, the recipients are inducted at the Association's Communion Breakfast.  A select committee consisting of the President, Executive Secretary, and Chaplain of the Association, along with four members - two from the Board of Governors and two active members of the Association - appointed by the President review the nominations submitted by the public and make the final decision.






Service to NECHS/

1989 Bil
Keane, '40
John H.
Mallon, '29
Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32 M. Rev. Edward J.
Schlotterback, OSFS, '30
Robert A.
Crout, '58
1990 John F.
Whitaker, '41
Francis X.
Reagan, '37
Wendell W.
Young III, '56
Albert E.
Welsh, MD, '32
Joseph F.
Kilroy, '65
1991 Vincent J.
Trombetta, '58
Joseph T.
Verdeur, '44
Joseph J. Donahue, '31 Thomas J.
Cullen, '69
Leonard F.
Knobbs, '53
1992 Jay J.
Dugan, '36
Frank J.
Hoerst, '35
Peter P.
Gallagher, '37
Rev. Edward J.
Simons, OSFS, '34
Joseph C.
McCloskey, '37
1993 George W.
Sommer, '36
Frank J. "Bucko"
Kilroy, '39
John J.
McVeigh, '39
John D.
Mahan, '69
Joseph E. McKeown, '33
1994 William P.
Plumley, '54
John J.
Gillespie, '35
Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Kelly, USA, '50 J. Richard
White, '46
Paul D.
Quinn, '36
1995 Jesse D.
Cain, '44
Robert J.
McNeill, '56
John J.
Marquess, Esq. '67
John E.
Murray, SJD, '50
Francis X. Dougherty, '59
1996 Gerald B.
Buckley, '50
Bernard J.
McLaughlin, '46
Martin J.
McCormick, '52
Rev. John J.
Conmy, OSFS, '29
Robert P.
O'Neill, '65
1997 Joseph F.
Flubacher, PhD, '31
Walter M.
Masterson, '38
Armond F.
Gentile, '52
Rev. Richard T.
Reece, OSFS, '54
Hon. James R.
Cavanaugh, '49
1998 Rev. Gerard J.
OSFS, '47
John J.
Quinn, '52
Maj. Gen. Joseph V. McLernan, USMC, '45 Rev. David I.
Hagan, OSFS, '56
Francis J.
Gleason, '53
1999 Frank J.
Dougherty, '59
James R.
Walsh, '53
Michael J. McKenna, '52 Bernard C.
Sekula, PhD, '69
Francis J.
Byrne, '65
2000 Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 Barry D.
Brodzinski, '73
Martin J. Maddaloni, '57 M. Rev. Martin N.
Lohmuller, DD, JCD, '37
John T. "Herb"
Smith, '46
2001 James V.
Amadie, '54
Edward P.
Geisz, '42
Erwin T.
Straw , '46
Oliver G.
Ludwig, '53
Lawrence P.
Conti, '63
2002 John R.
Doman, '62
Henry R. "Hank"
Siemiontkowski, '68
Capt. Thomas W. Kelley, OSFS, USN, '41 Edmund F.
Gordon, '64
Joseph L.
Zazyczny, '53
2003 Kenneth W.
Milano, '77
Joseph F.
Kadlec, '62
James A.
Williams, '68
Michael E.
Pietrzak, '67
John T.
Musial, '63
2004 Gerard J.
Jonas, '49
Michael F.
Fallon, '48
Louis J.
Sigmund, '50
Charles J.
Wolf, MD, '61
John J.
Taylor, '73
2005 Thomas J.
Smith, '66
Dennis R.
Seddon, '67
Carl F.
Gregory, '51
Rev. Neil F.
Kilty, OSFS, '59
Joseph P.
Hand, '54
2006 John S.
Grady, '55
Donald J.
D'Ambra, '90
James J.
Avery, '69
Michael S.
Shetzline, MD, PhD, '77
Edward J.
Lowry, '62
2007 James E.
Arnosky, '64
James A.
Gallagher, '47
James E.
Dugan, '63
Rev. John J.
OSFS, '37
Vincent E.
Furlong, '50
2008 James E.
Dougherty, '41, PhD
Gerard J.
Brindisi, '74
John T.
Fries, '61
James A.
Padova, MD, '56
Edward J.
White, '55
2009 Thomas P.
Forkin, Sr., '52
James C.
Hueber, '66
Steven J. McCaffrey, '81 Edward F.
McClay, MD, '67
Paul J.
Hondros, '66
2010 Ernest F.
Koschineg, '61
Robert J. Wheeler, '67 Joseph F. Petaccio, Jr., '59 Rev. George S.
OSFS, '66
James P.
Meehan, '67
2011   Michael P. McDevitt, '82 Hon. John R.
Padova, '52
Rev. Francis W. Collins, MM, '38 John R.
Hanejko, '65
2012 Edward A.
Turzanski, '77
      Francis J.
Fedele, '64
2013 Stanley R.
Witalec, '66
Laurence L.
Sullivan, '66
Timothy G.
O'Shaughnessy, '81
V. Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, MM, '67 Stephen A.
Cardullo, '72
2014 Reynold J.
Levocz, '59
Thomas J.
Gilmore, '82
Vincent A.
Panvini, '65
Samuel P.
DeBow, '71
William F.
Coyle, Esq., '56
2015 Thomas A.
Razzano, '65
James P.
Savage, '92
Cosmo T.
DeNicola, '72
Rev. Joseph T.
Muller, MSC, '49
Hon. Gerard A.
Kosinski, '72

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